Professional Boxer (Black) Killed in Drive-By Shooting on Christmas Day

On Christmas Day that nigga done been got shook on.

Damn, boi.

International Business Times:

A professional boxer from Maryland was shot dead in front of his girlfriend and three young kids in a possible “road rage” incident on Christmas, police said. Danny Kelly Jr., 30, was driving to a holiday gathering with his children and girlfriend in his SUV on Friday afternoon when a suspect pulled up his vehicle next to the family’s SUV and someone opened fire from inside.

Prince George County police said they are investigating road rage as a possible factor and the search for the gunman is on. No other passengers in the vehicle were injured but Kelly was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

It is not known what exactly was the reason behind the rage. According to reports, Kelly was completely taken by shock when the suspect’s vehicle just pulled up and suddenly started firing. “At this time, detectives are looking into whether this was possible road rage,” local police said in a statement.

Kelly, a resident of Clinton, Md., was driving a pickup truck northbound along St. Barnabas Road in Temple Hills about 4:40 pm on Friday when the other vehicle came from nowhere and pulled up alongside his family’s vehicle and someone inside it opened fire.

While the suspect continued to fire, Kelly’s girlfriend and three young kids continued to scream in fear from the backseat.

It’s logical that they were screaming with fear rather than screaming with joy.

Why I am quoting from the International Business Times?

It’s the most ridiculous Pajeet garbage.

Why do I still write blogs like this?

It’s because I don’t want to type up the facts myself, it saves time, and I write so very much. It’s also because people like it. People like to have the “official source,” to know I’m not bullshitting them. Of course, the official source could be bullshitting them, as we often note. But they probably aren’t when it comes to a drive-by shooting of some black guy.

Of course, they are bullshitting when they say “it was probably road rage” – but that is actually the cops bullshitting, not the IBT.

The actual reason for the drive-by shooting, of course, was that this nigga done be did do some shit some other nigga ain’t like he done been do.

Boxing is a pretty dirty business.

If road rage was a main cause of drive-by shootings, blacks would do it to whites too. Which they do sometimes do, but it’s rare. When a famous or semi-famous nigga gets hit in a drive-by, it’s an assassination.

The cops put out this “road rage” gibberish because the main job of the cops in the United States is to cover up and make excuses for black behavior.