Problem Glasses UN Skank Goes to Flips to Nag Leader – Duterte Says He’ll Kill More and More

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 5, 2017

Agnes Callamard: Jew or not Jew? You decide!

So some silly skank from the UN has gone to the Flips to tell GREAT SAVIOR Rody Duterte to stop slaughtering his enemies like roaches in the street.

He’s pissed off.


The Philippines is up in arms over a UN special rapporteur’s unofficial visit to the country, claiming she is biased against the country’s controversial ‘war on drugs,’ and threatening to lodge a complaint to the UN.

Agnes Callamard, UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions, spoke at a two-day policy forum in Quezon City on Friday.

Callamard is known for her critical position on Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s ‘war on drugs.’ While not directly referring to the Philippines, she did warn against pursuing “badly thought out, ill-conceived drug policies” that “not only fail to address… drug dependency, drug-related criminality and the drug trade” but “add more problems.”

Only a woman or a Jew could ever say something that stupid.

The only argument against extra-judicial killings is that “oh my oh my, some innocent could die, and oh my, drug dealers have rights too, oh oh oh.”

There is no debate over whether or not it works. It is simple physics that dead people are unable to engage in activities.

No one can say that death squads don’t work.

Although the UN Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights said that Callamard was not speaking in her official capacity, Philippines officials were quick to make it clear to the rapporteur that she was not welcome.

Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella said that by arriving in the country without notifying the authorities, Callamard is sending a “clear signal” that she will push a one-sided opinion of the controversial crusade against drugs, citing her refusal to engage in a public debate on the issue last September. At the time, Manila extended to Callamard an official invitation, which included a list of conditions.

These included a public discussion with President Duterte, in which Callamard would have been required to take an oath and answer three questions. She rejected the offer and called on the government to allow her to visit without any conditions.

Abella argued that Callamard’s response indicated that she “would not be approaching her review of allegations concerning our country objectively or comprehensively.”

See, this stupid bitch refused to answer questions.

What is all this about “open discussion” when you literally refuse to answer certain questions?

How can a government function on a system where people are allowed to refuse to answer questions about their policies – nevermind that this isn’t even her country?

This is what happens when you allow women into politics.

You end up with feminine politics.

We can’t run politics like this. It just isn’t working. We tried it. It failed. Come on.

And politics, like architecture, must be based on logic and physics – not what some one feels.

At least Duterte responded in a proper fashion – by saying he will kill more people because this woman showed up uninvited.

Duterte, who has made the war on drugs the focal point of his political program since coming to power, reacted to Callamard’s arrival by restating his position in no uncertain terms.

And here’s the shocker: I will kill you. I will really kill you. And that’s why the rapporteur of the UN is here, investigating extrajudicial killing,” Duterte said, referring to drug dealers as he was addressing an orthopedic conference in Davao City, as cited by The Philippine Star.

I told them that once you get involved in drugs I will kill you. I will ambush you, poison you, bomb you, whatever. Steal your wife from you,” the Philippines leader added.



That one is going on “Duterte’s top ten” somewhere.

That is a very good line.

Duterte is such an amazing man.

Would that someday, the white race could have such a leader.

We need women to go back to the place where they are just excited to get 30 seconds to take a selfie with the men in charge.

We have to take their rights away.