Pro-Violence Negroid Eric Holder Says “When They Go Low, We Kick Em” [UPDATE: Trump Responds]

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 11, 2018


Glorious Leader isn’t having it.


Donald Trump sent a message to Eric Holder on Thursday, after the former attorney general told supporters to “kick” Republicans.

He better be careful what he is wishing for, that I can tell you,” Trump said in an interview on Fox and Friends, “That’s a disgusting statement for him to make, for him to make a statement like that is a very dangerous statement.”

Sounds familiar…

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On the heels of Hillary Clinton’s apparent endorsement of political violence, wherein she said “now is not the time for civility,” former Attorney General Eric Holder echoed the sentiment, saying “when they go low, we kick them.”

This is a play on a phrase Michelle Obama used when campaigning for Hillary: “when they go low, we go high.”

These people are out there rioting continually now.

They have recently gone from attacking random Trump supporters to just attacking random white people in general on the streets.

GOP politicians are getting ricin and fake ricin in the mail. Rand Paul’s wife sleeps with a gun. And it wasn’t that long ago that a Democrat used the SPLC list to choose a “racist” Republican to target for assassination.

Representative Steve Scalise (R-La) was shot with a sniper rifle at a softball game in January of last year.

Beyond that, people are constantly being berated in public and run out of restaurants – which is what Hillary and Holder would say they are supporting if you asked them what specifically they are talking about when they say “incivility” and “kicking.”

But it is all part of the same agenda, which is to use fear, intimidation, violence and the threat of violence against their political opposition.

As Colorado Senator Cory Gardner pointed out yesterday, they are effectively calling for targeted assassinations of political opponents.

Nothing has happened on the right side since Dylann Roof, but if they actually start doing assassinations, there will be protests, the protests will be attacked by the leftist mob and people will get in fights and they will blame it on the right and use it to fuel more violence.

The positive coverage of antifa at Charlottesville is really what kicked this all off. It was effectively an announcement that violent leftist mobs could act with impunity, and that police would do nothing to stop them. These recent arrests of right-wing guys for self-defense at the event recommit to that promise – no antifa are being arrested, even though the city’s commissioned report shows that they were the ones responsible for initiating the violence.

A year later, we are now in a tailspin.

And these sorts of fires can get hot real quick. The country is rapidly becoming ungovernable.

At the recent anti-Kavanaugh protests, where the women gathered on the stairs of the Supreme Court building and were clawing at the door, the police were standing around on their phones with no idea what to do. There is no established protocol for this scale of civil unrest.

But I do hope it heats up before the midterms.

This thing that they are doing is driven by pure rage and derangement. The politicians themselves might be enraged (Hillary) or deranged (Holder), but they seem to be universally incapable of understanding how bad this all looks.

There are still normal people who do not like Trump. But all of those normal people who do not like Trump like the idea of anarchy on the streets even less. No normal people are drawn in by the prospect of violent street mobs, chemical attacks, shootings or elevator screaming.