Pro-Vaxxers Turn Up at Anti-Vaxx Rally, Start Stabbing People, Retreat to Police Station

Anti-vaxx protesters are attacked by a pro-vaxx gang of masked men.

Remember in Germany like 5 or 6 years ago when Angela Merkel started organizing pro-government protesters to counter anti-government protesters?

It was obvious that this was much more preferable than just sending cops out to attack people.

I said at the time that the fact that this worked – and that no one was writing like “what the hell is going on, the government is organizing counter-protests in support of itself?” – meant that this would be used in the future all across the West.

Well, I give you the anti-anti-vaxx protesters of California, who attack those who would dare question the Virus Regime.

LA Times:

An anti-vaccine rally at Los Angeles City Hall turned violent Saturday, with one person stabbed and a reporter saying he was assaulted, according to police and protesters on the scene.

A crowd of several hundred people, many holding American flags and signs calling for “medical freedom,” had descended on City Hall around 2 p.m. for the planned rally. A few dozen counterprotesters had amassed on 1st Street near the former offices of the L.A. Times before the clash.

So the pro-government protesters used the media outlet as a rallying point, huh?

A fight erupted on the corner of 1st and Spring streets shortly after 2:30 p.m., as counterprotesters in all black and anti-vaccine demonstrators draped in American flag garb and Trump memorabilia traded punches and threw things at one another. It was not immediately clear how the fight started, though each side quickly blamed the other.

One person, who the anti-mask protesters claim was part of their rally, could be seen collapsed in the intersection, bleeding. Police on the scene said the person had been stabbed, and paramedics arrived to take him to a hospital.

Take the vaxx, wear the mask, shelter in place – it’s for your own good!

“That nigga is be leakin'” -Los Angeles Police Department upon finding that a nigga was been leakin’.

If you don’t, we’ll stab you!

In the melee, counterprotesters could be seen spraying mace while members of the anti-vaccine rally screamed death threats. One older man screamed “unmask them all” and clawed at a woman’s face.

Capt. Stacy Spell, a Los Angeles Police Department spokesman, said police were monitoring the protest.

“We are on scene to maintain order after a fight broke out between Antifa and people gathered for the permitted event. We are aware of one male that was stabbed and is being treated by Fire Department personnel,” Spell said in a statement. “No arrests have been made but [the] investigation is ongoing.”

“We is been peakin’ on dem niggas, they is be leakin’ fo’ what we done been seen up out that bitch.”

Spell could not immediately provide an update on the victim’s injuries. While the statement referred to “Antifa,” the counterprotesters appeared to be a mixture of people who have shown up to oppose anti-vaccine and anti-mask rallies in recent months.

A short time later, KPCC reporter Frank Stoltze could be seen walking out of the park near City Hall being screamed at by anti-mask protesters. One man could be seen kicking him. Stoltze later told a police officer he had been assaulted while trying to conduct an interview. Spell confirmed that a police report was taken.

By late afternoon, a small crowd of counter-protesters, mostly dressed in all black, remained near LAPD headquarters, but police had formed skirmish lines to separate the two groups.

The demonstrators had billed the rally as a stand against rules requiring COVID-19 vaccinations and so-called vaccine passports and said they also opposed wearing masks. A flier advertising the counterdemonstration decried the group as fascists.

So after rallying at the LA Times building and then assaulting an anti-hoax protest, the gang regrouped at the police headquarters?

Video shows that they literally retreated to safety at the police headquarters.

Are people reading what they are writing in these news articles about what is happening in this country?

It’s absurd, frankly. I just don’t even understand how anyone could take any of this seriously. Everything is so obviously contrived and stage-managed by puppeteers whose hands you can obviously see. The sad fact is that all of the Facebook groups that the right-wing organizes in are also run by the intelligence agencies – they stage these events and set up both sides. That’s not to say that the right-wingers know it’s staged (the left presumably does or just doesn’t care), but nonetheless, the right-wingers are put where they’re supposed to be for the narrative to work.

We saw that with the way the fed Proud Boys organized in Portland.

The narrative here is obviously “if you protest against masks, you might get stabbed, and if you do get stabbed, the stabber will go hang out outside the police department where he will promptly not be arrested.”

I’m sure it’s been obvious for a long time that Antifa is just a private security contractor for the American domestic intelligence services, but it’s still nuts to me that people would believe there is an organic movement of “communistic pro-lockdown protesters.”

We did have those nurses counter-protesting at the beginning of the lockdown, I guess.

But they had the very clear and direct incentive that they wanted to have their workplace emptied of patients so they could get paid – and celebrated as heroes – for making TikTok dance videos.

If nurses started stabbing people in defense of lockdowns and masks, that would be epic.

Actually, one of the Antifa at this rally was carrying some kind of medical bag.

“Ese, it’s time for your vaxx now, ese.” – “Eh, ese cabron, I not gon take your vaxx, ese.” (Mexicans: protesting the tyranny that Americans don’t want to protest AND attacking the Mexican anti-tyranny protesters Americans don’t want to attack.)

I’ve heard of right-wingers trying to explain to Antifa that they are just tools of the system – as if they don’t know that. They obviously do know that and it would furthermore be impossible for them to not know that. They literally stage events in support of every policy of the World Economic Forum. Not just in America, but all over the world.

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I guess Latinos really are natural conservatives?

Whatever. I don’t care. Anyone who is anti-vaxx, I support. I would support an anti-vaxx Jew, frankly.

I don’t think there is any realistic white nationalist agenda that doesn’t involve a full surrender of most of coastal California to the current inhabitants, anyway, frankly. It’s basically a part of Mexico at this point, in everything other than the fact that it gets billions in federal tax dollars.