Pro-Palestinian Rally in Michigan During Visit by Baby-Killer Joe

Fake President Joe Biden went on Michigan this week to promote his plan to bury America in immigrants.

The immigrants he is burying America in did not feel joy, however.


When Joe Biden returned on Tuesday to one of the battleground states that handed him the presidential election, he was met with rage over how his administration has handled the sudden escalation of violence in the Middle East.

Biden, on a visit to a Ford Motor Co facility in Dearborn, Michigan, to promote electric vehicles, faced protest over his administration’s approach to Israel as it attacks Gaza in response to rockets launched by Palestinian militants there eight days ago.

At a rally in Dearborn, the heart of Michigan’s Arab-American community, over 1,000 people gathered a few miles away from Biden’s event and booed at mentions of the Democratic president’s name.

Not a good sign, Joe.

Reuters goes on to complain that pro-Palestinian Democrats won’t shut up.

Biden has privately pressed for a ceasefire in the more than week-long conflict between Israel and Hamas, the Islamist group in the Palestinian territories. His aides have said they are aggressively pursuing behind-the-scenes diplomacy to bring the conflict to an end.

That is not enough for some Democrats, who want Biden to denounce the disproportionate casualties suffered in the Palestinian territories during the conflict and to reconsider the weapons and other assistance it provides Israel, Washington’s closest ally in the turbulent region.

“He should not be supporting them,” said Dawood Ali, 21, at the demonstration.

Ali, who voted for Biden, said he regrets doing so.

Speakers on the stage shared similar sentiments, saying they felt courted – and then disrespected – by Biden.

Reuters/Ipsos polling showed that Biden won Muslim voters by 8 percentage points in his 2020 race against Republican President Donald Trump, who had been a stalwart defender of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on all fronts.

Trump did defend Netanyahu, but he never oversaw a slaughter of Palestinian civilians.

This could tumble into a major war.

Biden is talking out of both sides of his mouth, but the Jew side is much louder.

The Reuters and the Associated Press called this “more than 1,000.”

Definitely going to guess that is upwards of 1,000.

But of course, even as as journalists get bombed by Israel, they still have a job to do: shill for Israel.

If they don’t, Biden will run them down in his truck.

Biden met Rashida Tlaib in Michigan and she apparently bitched out.

She probably doesn’t really care much about her kinfolk.

She just wants to help the Jews hurt white people.