Pro-Independence Scots Protest BBC and Denounce Lying Jew BBC Propagandist Nick Robinson

Daily Slave
September 18, 2014

The Scots are tired of Jews lying to them.

A large group of patriotic pro-independence Scots held a protest outside of BBC’s Glasgow headquarters demanding the sacking of a Jew propagandist by the name of Nick Robinson.

Although I don’t know a whole lot about this Robinson character, if he is Jewish and works for the BBC there is basically a 100% chance that he is not telling the full truth about anything.

It is good to see these Scots protest the BBC which is obviously one of the most pro-Jew media outlets in the world.

Guess we’ll just have to see how the Scotland independence vote goes later.


Pro-independence Scots rallied outside the BBC’s Glasgow headquarters on Sunday to protest the public broadcaster’s pro-union “bias” and demand the resignation of political editor Nick Robinson.

Waving Scottish flags and “Yes Scotland” banners, protesters chanted, “You can stick your license fee up your a***!” while banners read “Auntie Beeb, anti-democracy, anti-truth”.

One giant banner read: “Sack Nick ‘The Liar’ Robinson, a totally corrupt journalist, these days typical of the British Biased Corporation.”