Pro-Hitler Banner Unveiled in Sweden!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 22, 2017

On Hitler’s birthday, April 20th, some brave Swedish nationalists unveiled a beautiful pro-Hitler banner over a highway in Stockholm.

The Jews have driven us to this.

They have made it so no form of light-weight nationalism will ever be able to accomplish – or even partially accomplish – any of our goals.

As such, the only remaining course of action is full-on Hitlerism.

And we have our backs against the wall.

We, the remaining noble White Men, are corner wolverines, and we no longer have a single thing left to lose.

The war is here.

If you’re not ready to fight it, then give up and go back to normie land, get involved in tranny bathroom activism.

The men who stand with Hitlerism are the last men standing and we will win or the earth will end.

The last train to the future is leaving the station.

Board it now.

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