Private Companies Hired to Go Through Your Facebook, Make Sure You’re Not Standing Too Close to People

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 27, 2020

Whoops, got a virus.

Guess we’re going to have to hire private companies to comb through your data and track your every move.

Daily Mail:

Social media posts are being used to track whether people are adhering to strict coronavirus lockdown rules in Italy.

Researchers claimed to have identified places where lockdowns were being breached this month after analysing half a million photos and videos uploaded to people’s Instagram stories earlier this month.

It follows similar efforts in China, South Korea and the US to use people’s data to track the spread of the virus, isolate potential cases, and identify rule-breakers.

Ghost Data, a US and Italian research company, was behind the latest effort to help control the spread of the virus which has killed more than 7,500 people in Italy alone.

Between March 11 and March 16 the company collected photos and videos from Instagram stories from people in Italy, totalling just over half a million posts.

The was then anonymised by blurring faces, obscuring exact locations and fed into LogoGrab image recognition software.

The software identified some 25,000 posts where it thought lockdown rules were being broken, either by people being outdoors or in public indoors settings.

Further analysis by people and machines then produced a final list of 1,317 posts that were uploaded during quarantine and showed lockdown breaches.

Andrea Stroppa, founder of Ghost Data, said the aim of the study was to help governments enforce lockdowns without breaching people’s privacy.

He added: ‘In our view, privacy is very important. It’s a fundamental human right.

‘However, it’s important to give our support to help the government and the authorities. Hundreds of people are dying every day.’

Well, if they can identify where you are and what you’re doing, blurring your face doesn’t really help much, does it?

So it’s just like:

Journalist: “So, do you have any comments on your massive spy program designed to hunt people down and regulate their private behavior in real time using internet data?”

“Ghost Data” Internet Spy: “Sure do: privacy is a fundamental human right.”

They are going to use the manufactured crisis of Coronavirus to roll out all sorts of new problems for the goyim. Mass data collection being more openly shared with private companies in order to catalog your behavior is just one such problem. But it’s one to keep an eye on.

Of course, you know my view: using social media with your real name is insane. You are not benefiting spiritually from knowing what your high school classmate you haven’t seen in five years had for lunch. And every piece of information you enter goes into a profile of you that is visible by governments.

They know when you sleep, what kind of women you find attractive, what your hobbies are, who you see, who you know. They know the phrases you use, the music you like, they know your sexual fetishes. They know your favorite place to eat lunch and they know where you’re considering eating lunch tomorrow. They know what you’re saving up to buy and they know how often you drink. They know who and what you like and don’t like.

This is all entered into a program that can actually predict how you will respond to different situations. Then that is part of a program that figures out how societies will respond to situations.

Flipping through a bunch of benign nonsense from your “friends” is really time-wastey and feminine as well. It’s gossipy and dull.

And you’re not going to get laid on Facebook, dude*. Not anymore.

Just delete your account. Just go and do it right now. Send them the email to ensure it’s permanently deleted.

Don’t use the “family” excuse. All you’re doing by being on there for family is enabling them to stay on there and thus enabling the entire system.

*Yes, if you’re a millennial then some slut you knew in high school who is now a fat single mother might come over and give you a free trial blowjob to see if you’re willing to commit to raising her bastard son. But is that really the life you want to live, lad?