Printer Cartridges: An Extreme Example of How Corporations Screw Over Consumers

Joe Jones
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2018

Printer ink can cost anywhere between 20 and 80 dollars for a cartridge.

The cost to make that cartridge is about 20-80 cents at most.

What’s worse, a lot of cartridges have a chip inside them which will shut down your printer if any of the inks drop below a certain point – they’re usually not even empty.

They also often force you to use colored ink and black ink, regardless of if you are printing in color.

Most corporations pull this kind of thing to Jew you out of your money.

You should trust major companies to not screw you about as much as you trust cops to stop Jews shooting a bunch of people.

Jews have imposed their own values onto our society. And we are paying for it in blood and printer ink.