Print That Money Joe, You Deep Fake Geezer!

Deep Fake Joe needs to get that money printer brrrrrring ASAP.

Republicans need to back off and let this computer-generated image make it rain.

Take the wedge out, Mitch!

Pull the wedge! Release the lever! Wind the pulley! Trigger the GEARS!

The Week:

Senate Republicans are “trying to drive a wedge” between President Biden and his staff during negotiations over the White House’s infrastructure proposal, political analyst Bill Scher argues, citing an email to the press from Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-W.V.).

Capito is leading the Republican effort to get Biden to cut down on his plan, which initially cost $2.25 trillion, but, as of Friday, sits at $1.7 trillion. Shrinking the total appeared to be a gesture of compromise, but it wasn’t well-received by the GOP, and Capito’s office took aim at Biden’s advisers, stating that the two sides have been growing further apart since they got involved. White House staff, meanwhile, insist they, just like Biden, genuinely want to reach across the aisle, Politico reports.

Shelly Moore Capito, you gross tranny-looking old bitch.

Go back to smoking crack and giving blowjobs in the back alley for $5 and keep your grubby spider hands off Deep Fake Joe and his Bernie Madoff financial agenda.

Sometimes it makes me wonder, sometimes I really wonder why Shelly Moore Capito wants to take us under.

See that video? Elon Musk is Puffy and I’m Mase. This is real life.

The bill should be one hundred billion trillion gazillion.

These Republicans claiming that they’re going to do “fiscal conservatism” in 2020 are faker than Joe Biden, who is literally a CGI creation.

We’ve got this all figured out: you just print infinity money, but inflation never happens because all the money goes into Tesla stock and Bitcoin.

This is a sustainable system.

Tesla stock can be worth 70 gazillion quadrillion. Bitcoin can be worth a zillion mega-donka-mono-gorillion. And a can of milk will still cost $12.

What can go wrong? Will there be a run on Bitcoin and Tesla stock at the same time? What will people do when they get the cash out? Buy cans of milk? So then say a can of milk costs $87. Who cares? Everyone has billions from Bitcoin.

Just keep printing the money! It doesn’t matter! It all has to go somewhere!

Paper hands niggas are gonna be crying to they be is mammys when they be done seen what Bitcoin finna goto when Deep Fake Joe flips the switch and blasts out ten trillion.

I be is done seed some muffugguhs dey hands is be do so papery they ain’t can’t be don’t grab they own is dick.

Diamond hands is for counting stacks.

Bitcoiners in luck like Scrooge McDuck when Joe pulls the clutch and rolls the bucks.

You know what they say: mo’ money, mo’ problems.

And that’s true. As long as by “problems” you mean “solutions.”

Yo Joe.

Yo CGI be worse than Godzilla vs Kong, but you be my nigga.

Let’s ride, homey. I ain’t even worried about that boom mic blurring into your face. It looks good, homie. We ain’t got no hate for nobody, whether they flesh and blood or deep fake.