Princeton Course Fights “Fat Phobia” Through Dancing and Performance Art

Daily Stormer
August 13, 2017

Think about the time and money millions of White people wasted and are still wasting by going to college. Do you really think it’s worth it? Do you?

Campus Reform:

Princeton University is offering a course this fall that will “examine the changing history, aesthetics, politics, and meanings of fatness” through dance and performance art.

“FAT: The F-Word and the Public Body” is a 300-level course cross-listed under the Dance, American Studies, and Gender and Sexuality Studies programs, and will be taught by Professor Judith Hamera.

My Nazi sense is tingling. Guess it doesn’t really matter at this point though, most women in academia might as well be kikes.

“This seminar investigates discourses and politics around the fat body from a performance studies perspective,” the course description states. “How does this ‘f-word’ discipline and regulate bodies in/as public? How do dancers reveal these politics with special clarity? How might fat be a liberating counterperformance?

What? What does that even mean?

The description notes that “intersectional dimensions of the fat body are central to the course,” indicating that students will explore how obesity combines with other marginalized identities to exacerbate individual perceptions of oppression.

While assignments will include both “written work and group performances,” no dance experience is necessary to enroll in the course.

The written work involves three “short papers” addressing “an ethnography of the normative Princeton body, a close reading of the ways fat works in a specific example, and a research-informed creative point of view assignment;” as well as a “seminar paper” analyzing an example from the class.

In addition, students will participate in a group performance examining the “relationship between fat and performative elements of public life,” which accounts for 20 percent of their final grade.

College should, in theory, give you the knowledge to make a living and be a productive citizen after graduating. What kind of job are you gonna get with this senile gibberish?

A “sample reading list” for the course includes selections such as Fat Politics, which argues that “there is little proof that obesity causes so much disease and death or that losing weight is what makes people healthier,” as well as The Fat Studies Reader, which contends that weight-consciousness is “just another form of prejudice—one with especially dire consequences for many already disenfranchised groups.”

These people are literally arguing that obesity isn’t a big deal! Are we all insane? These creatures can barely walk, have an increased risk of every disease known to man, and in many cases literally can’t wipe their asses (they use sticks with a rag on one end), and there are some people – or should I say (((people))) – who are telling them they’re just fine.

It’s insane that this is legal, when it should be dealt with by sending the fatties to labor camps and summarily executing any who dare disagree.

This isn’t normal

Fat Talk Nation, another of the readings, decries the “disturbing” damage done to the feelings of those targeted by the “veritable war on fat” and introduces neologisms such as “biocitizen, biomyth, biopedagogy, bioabuse, biocop, and fat personhood.”

Those aren’t neologisms, they’re just made up words that don’t mean anything.

Similarly, Queering Fat Embodiment laments “fat-phobia” and the “ever-growing medicalisation, pathologisation, and commodification of fatness,” and seeks to “mak[e] explicit the intersectionality of fat identities and thereby counter[] the assertion that fat studies has in recent years reproduced a white, ableist, heteronormative subjectivity in its analyses.”

Again, just making up gibberish…

Look, if you’re a fat pig and you wanna stop being a fat pig, it’s not really complicated:

  1. No sugar.
  2. No grains.
  3. Lots of meat, eggs, fruit and vegetables (fresh and pickled alike).
  4. Water fast 1-2 days a week.
  5. 20 minutes of cardio every morning.
  6. If you feel the need to make exceptions, make them rarely, only on special occasions (Christmas, Easter, birthday, etc.)

There’s more to it that this, of course, but this is the bare minimum you should do. You’ll never get too fat if you do, and obesity is virtually impossible. So stop being a fat fuck!

And stop calling it a “phobia.” Nobody’s afraid of you, we’re just disgusted.