Princess Rose Discusses Cutting the Heads Off of Kikes

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 2, 2018

The pro-white, anti-Semitic heroine Rose McGowan recently sat down with RT to discuss the necessity of cutting the heads off of Jews.

She also noted that the recent Harvey Weinstein arrest was nothing more than a piece of Jewish theater designed to give the appearance of change as the filthy heebs continue to run their empire of rot.


‘It’s all orchestrated,’ says actress Rose McGowan, after Harvey Weinstein handed himself in before the long weekend over claims of rape. McGowan says even handing himself in to police was a method of publicity and control.

Going Underground’s Afshin Rattansi sat down with Hollywood sex scandal whistleblower McGowan days after Weinstein was charged with rape and for a criminal sex act. McGowan says Weinstein’s arrest was nothing more than a carefully planned method to bury the news story with as little damage to the movie giant’s reputation as possible.


I can see that.

Everything that a Jew does that is not an attack is some form of damage control.

“Weinstein got to turn himself in on a Friday afternoon to be arrested on a long weekend… that means his story won’t be running all week in the news. It will already be old news by the time next week rolls around after the bank holiday. You know that’s all orchestrated,” McGowan told RT.

She also hit out at those in Hollywood who stood by and let Weinstein’s alleged reign of terror happen.

“The complicity machine is huge [in Hollywood],” she said. “We’re talking about an industrial complex… it’s one of continually protecting people who aren’t that great in the first place. Just cut off the head, the rot, and let other things flourish. We’ve all worked in those places where it would be so great if it weren’t for that one person – get rid of that one person.”


Despite my excited intro, which reads into the subtext of what Rose is saying, she has yet to actually say the word “Jew.”

But it is on the tip of her tongue.

And she doesn’t have anything to lose anymore, does she?

Do a Mel, Rose.

And become a part of history.

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