Princess Martha Louise of Norway Shacks Up with a Voodoo Shaman N-Word!

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
May 15, 2019

Not to be outdone by Prince Harry, some second-rate royal decided to go mud-sharking to prove that not only can royals fuck niggers – they can also get fucked by niggers.

Daily Mail:

Princess Martha Louise of Norway has taken to Instagram to reveal she has found love with a shaman and ‘spiritual hacker’.

Princess Martha Louise, 47, the eldest child of King Harald and Queen Sonja, shared details of her burgeoning romance in a heartfelt post yesterday.

The mother-of-three, who divorced husband Ari Behn in 2017, described her beau, Durek Verrett, as her ‘twin flame’ and vowed to love him from ‘this eternity to the next’.

The royal also hit back critics of the relationship, saying she did not choose her boyfriend to ‘satisfy the norms’.

Durek describes himself as a ‘spiritual guide and gifted healer’ and ‘sixth generation Shaman’ and claims he can reduce ageing by using his power to ‘access the atoms’ inside the human body.


Is it considered normal now for decadent aristocrats to marry blacks when they’re useless old hags?

Bruh. Is dis nigga serious like bwahahahaha, just look at this doooooood. Talkin’ bout atoms an’ shiet. 

This is example #6,000,000 demonstrating that the vast majority of women have no souls, or no being, and are simply herd animals that go with whatever is in vogue at the time. In Martha’s case, it’s yet another case of a White woman joining the Eat, Pray, Queef cult.

These women infect society with their toxic femininity and corrupt the soul of the nation with their triteness and pursuit of baubles. Women, it has been said, are fundamentally Jewish in their nature – or rather, the Jews are fundamentally feminine in their nature. Seeing as Judaism seems to be a soft matriarchy, both ideas seem logically sound upon first glance.

That being said, the very idea that I have outlined above is Jewish because it was first outlined by a Jewish man, Otto Weininger, who struggled his whole life to overcome his own Judaism and at last found release at the end of a gun barrel.

It comes off as a bit extreme and a bit Jewy, but seeing as we live in extremely Jewy times, it is little wonder then that this theory begins to make sense the more you think about it and contextualize it by looking at the behavior of modern women.

One could even argue that women are fundamentally incapable of ever loving a man because they can only ever love the image that a man has. This image is shaped by how the man presents himself, yes – but also his status in society, how he is treated by others and whether or not he satisfies the image that the woman in question is pursuing for her own ends.

This voodoo nibba is no exception. He’s just an exotic diversity toy for this white ludder to parade around and titillate high society, as well as to use as a cosh against her ex-hubby.

But there’s more to it than that.

Women will destroy their families, their societies and even themselves eventually to put on a good show.

This wasn’t good enough for Martha.

Nothing is beautiful or sacred to them.

All of it is just a prop in a lifelong melodrama of their own creation. 

And if given the chance, women will always make themselves the stars of their own drama, and they will ensure that it ends as a tragedy.

At any given moment, a woman is poised to throw it all away. To burn down the house her father built, to curse the children her husband sired and to poison the marriage of her son.

All because it would make for a good show.

People would talk about it forever. They’d pity her, hate her and most importantly, never ignore her.

“She’s that royal who threw it all away to roll around in mud in Goa. The one who divorced her husband and father of three children. Then she shacked up with a voodoo shaman who ate da poo poo. Oh, it’s so tragic, isn’t it?” 

As for the shaman, well, it’s a pretty bittersweet deal for him when you think about it.

He gets to be second-rate royalty, sure, but now he’s expected to boff the old hag, which means that one of these days, you just know that he’s going to chimp out in a drug-induced rage and maul her to death.

Won’t that be tragic?