Prince Harry Announces Engagement to Random Old Niggerbitch

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 27, 2017

wew lads.

I thought Prince Harry was supposed to be a Nazi?

No seriously – I actually did think that.

Then I thought he was just trolling earth with this niggerbitch.

The chances that this is all a massive troll, however, are rapidly diminishing.


Britain’s Prince Harry and the American actor Meghan Markle have made their first public appearance since their engagement was announced earlier Monday.

The couple appeared at a photocall in the Sunken Garden at Kensington Palace in London on Monday afternoon, where Harry told reporters he knew Markle was “the one” from “the very first time we met.”

The Prince declined to elaborate on his proposal to Markle, but when asked whether it was romantic, he smiled and said, “of course it was.”

Markle said she was “so very happy” and flashed her engagement ring to reporters.

The ring, designed by Harry, has a gold band and features a large diamond from Botswana and two smaller outer diamonds from the personal collection of Harry’s late mother, Diana, Princess of Wales, according to a statement from Kensington Palace.

Botswana holds special significance for the couple, who have spent time together there over the past year and a half, Kensington Palace said.

This bitch is old as hell too. Like almost 40.

Also, if you thought she was a high yellow quadroon – nope. That’s just plastic surgery and bleach.

Here she is with her mom – or should I say “mum”?

Although Charles has been saying some favorable things lately (and in fact has for a while), I think this situation is clearly enough to declare he crown itself illegitimate.

As I have said before, it is time to remove the royal family and replace it with a Conan-type WARRIOR KING.

Yes, friends.

You know who I mean.

Tyson Fury should be given the opportunity to fight the entire royal family – at the same time – in a cage match.

And to the winner should go he spoils.

And by spoils, I mean control of the British empire – including the alleged “independent” colonies.

Except America. Because he already fought for that.

All the rest of these proles just got their lands back because the British government was a bunch of cucks who just wanted to be nice and give territory away for no explainable reason.