Prices Exploding in Germany

It’s not just America.

Prices are exploding all over the world as the US government works to devalue the dollar.

All fiat currencies are linked to the dollar, so dollar devaluation means devaluation of all fiat money.

(Note: Sweden is doing better than the rest of the world because they never did a lockdown.)

The Local:

Whether at the supermarket browsing fruit and veg or at the petrol station – you’ve probably noticed that things look pricier. And you’re not imagining it – life is noticeably more expensive in Germany compared to a year ago. 

The higher prices are due to a spike in inflation. According to preliminary data from the Federal Statistical Office, consumer prices rose by 4.1 per cent in September compared to the same month last year.

This was the first time in almost 28 years that inflation exceeded the four-percent mark in Germany. The last time the agency recorded these kinds of numbers was in December 1993, when inflation reached 4.3 per cent.

What does a higher inflation rate mean for me?

Higher inflation weakens the purchasing power of consumers because you can buy less for one euro than before. Rising inflation rates are also not good for savers who, for instance, park their money in low interest deposit accounts.

According to calculations by Commerzbank subsidiary Comdirect, saving accounts in Germany lost a total of around €47 billion in value in the first nine months because of low interest rates.

So why is inflation rising?

Inflation is currently being fuelled by several factors, first and foremost by eye-watering energy prices.

“The inflationary effect is most obvious in the energy sector and therefore in gas and electricity prices,” Jörg Zeuner, chief economist at fund company Union Investment told German news site Focus Online. “In few other areas are supply and demand currently similarly disproportionate.”

It’s not just Germany that’s affected. According to a recent report by the policy forum the OECD, inflation has picked up around the world due to the higher costs of raw materials, problems with the supply of goods, stronger consumer demand as economies reopen, and prices bouncing back during the pandemic.

It’s not energy!

It’s printing money!

When you print new money, there is more money in circulation, and that means things cost more!

Tucker did a pretty good overview of things last week.

We’re on the brink of a total global economic collapse.

That is of course planned.

They want to get you used to living on a much smaller scale.

The crisis will force you to live with much less, and be dependent on the government much more. This will eventually lead to you living in a small apartment in a tenement building and getting “universal basic income” via an app on your phone. You will be able to use these digital credits to buy porno subscriptions or food made from bugs. You will keep getting more and more vaccines. Probably, the same app that your UBI coins are on will also alert you when it is time to go get your latest booster.

And that will be your life, until you die.