Presidential Twitter Storm: Monday Morning Edition

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 24, 2017

The President is spitting pure and unadulterated F I R E this morning.

First, he noted that the fake news media is the figurehead of this sewer that is the American political system.

This is a 100% factual statement.

More important than the Jews control of the economy is their control of the media. Controlling the media allows them to control everything else.

He then hit the Jew Schumer.

Instead of blaming anyone else, we should all just blame you, Chuck: the Jew.

Every single problem is created by your race.

And now the goyim know.

He hit Sessions again, referring to him as “beleaguered.” Of course, he is being beleaguered by Trump himself. Not that he doesn’t deserve it for screwing up this whole thing by recusing and letting that Jew Rod Rosenstein appoint investigator Mueller – his screwup is what caused all of this. However, I just don’t really get the strategy of publicly attacking him.

Pretty lulzy tho.

“Beleaguered by whom? It is thou.”

I mean, publicly attacking your own guy and then publicly referring to him as “beleaguered” because you’re publicly attacking him – that is really, really funny. It is funny on a meta level.

I know we’ve got a lot of young readers, and the word is a bit college-wordy and/or archaic. So don’t be shy to look at this definition. Understanding the precise meaning of the word makes it way funnier.

But yeah, why don’t we open a full investigation into Hillary and all that illegal shit she did?

That would certainly be a good distraction, no?

Like, the best distraction ever?

He then hit sleazy Jew Adam Schiff.

That statement is also exactly true.

An excuse for losing is 100% what this whole Russia thing is. Well, that, and more importantly to destroy Trump.

It is just so absurd though at this point, I just can’t imagine anyone is following it or caring. The Democrats have made themselves look insane. They just jump from one thing to the next. The entire “Russia did Wikileaks” thing collapsed in on itself as soon as Trump asked for the DNC server, so now they’ve spent two weeks talking about a 20 minute meeting his son had with a Russian national.

It’s gone beyond the pale.

Finally, he hit the sickening GOP cucks for failing to undo Obamacare.

It really is horrible that these bastards had nearly a decade to plan a way to fix this, then when they finally get the chance, they’re like “durrrrrr herp-derp.”

It’s almost like they just expected Jeb Bush or whoever to lose to Hillary Clinton, so they didn’t even think of actually ever repealing it. They just talked about it, because it was a popular talking point that would keep beleaguered American conservatives voting for them.

The media is definitely the number one enemy.

But number two is not the poor Democrats – these sons of bitches are beleaguered as fuck.

The number two enemy is the Republican Party.

And they are being empowered to undermine Trump by the media – including Fox News.

Fox News should be – if they were something other than a kike front – attacking the GOP nonstop for refusing to go along with Trump’s agenda. And yet they are more likely to attack Trump than enemies of the nation such as Ryan and McTumor.

All in all: I give this Monday Morning Presidential Tweet Storm an “A” for “A W E S O M E.”