Presidential Twitter Rant: Tuesday Morning Edition

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 25, 2017

Good morning tweets today, let me tell you what.

He’s still hitting beleaguered Jeff Sessions.

Good point about Jewkraine.

If being helped by a foreign government is illegal, then investigate that bitch. Her people literally met with government officials.

Wow talk about beleaguerment.

Maybe he should just fire him?

Fire the Jew deputy as well. Fire Mueller. Just fire anyone who had anything to do with any of this and move on. Let CNN keep whining. No one cares at this point. It’s my job to read this stuff and I can’t even take it anymore, it’s too boring.

He then hit acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe, who has been bribed BIGLY.

He’s the same guy rounding up our guys from Sacramento, btw.

At least Comey said I had free speech.

Hopefully, the new FBI director will have the sense to back-off of Trump-supporting “racists.”

He then chided beleaguered Republicans, threatening that they must deal with this healthcare issue.

Somehow these piece of shit GOP congresspeople can rush through a bill punishing Russia for fighting terrorism but can’t figure out how to repeal Obamacare.

He then mocked John McTumor.

One last vote, John!

Finally, a joke.

Maybe that’s meant as a joke.

But I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens IRL.

They’ve certainly attacked poor Barron enough.