Presidential Election Winner Trump Officially Claims Win in Michigan!

The winner of the US Presidential Election, Donald J. Trump, has officially claimed an election win in the State of Michigan. This claim is being censored by Twitter, which is involved in a process of attempting to steal an election that has already been decided for Donald Trump.

President Trump claimed the state on the condition that a large number of secretly dumped ballots showed up in the state, which is what happened as a matter of documented fact.

The communist Jew New York Times is falsely claiming that Joe Biden won the state, using falsely tabulated votes.

The Jewish media, with the social media companies and various state authorities, are involved presently in an aggressive attempt to steal the election from Donald Trump and from the American people who elected him.

This would mean that without either Arizona or Nevada, Trump would lose the election.

Trump has no path to victory based on the current map. Even winning Pennsylvania, with both Michigan and Wisconsin gone, he cannot win.

This is what the map will look like, if Trump wins Pennsylvania (but not Nevada or Arizona):

This is something that the people of this country cannot and will not stand for.

The election is not to be decided by the New York Times, as they falsely claimed before the election was their right. It is not to be decided by the criminal social media censors. The election is decided by the people of this country, and the people of Michigan voted to election Donald Trump as president.

The Daily Stormer stands with Donald Trump, endorses Trump as the winner of this election, and strongly advises readers to act in the name of Jesus Christ and in the name of the established law of this country to take whatever actions are necessary in order to ensure that the election is not stolen by these criminal Jews.