President Xi, Please Liberate Taiwan From Western Homosexualist Tyranny

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
November 25, 2018

No one has ever been able to explain to me why America spends her people’s money to give military assistance to the Taiwanese rebels.

This is a relic of cold war politics.

The average American citizen does not receive any benefit from his government’s projection of military force into the West Pacific.

Worse, the imposition of Western government on the Taiwanese has resulted in a human rights disaster for her people, which never would have happened if America had put America First.

Now it is up to China to free the Chinese people of Taiwan from their corrupt and abusive government.

The Guardian:

Voters in Taiwan have backed anti-gay marriage referendums in what LGBT activists said was a major blow to the island’s reputation as a rights trailblazer.

Saturday’s result came at the end of a dramatic evening that saw Taiwan’s president, Tsai Ing-wen, resign as leader of the ruling Democratic Progressive party (DPP) after her party suffered major defeats in key mid-term polls, a significant blow to her prospects for re-election in 2020.

The Beijing-friendly main opposition Kuomintang (KMT) made gains in the face of China’s increasing pressure on the island.

The president of Taiwan is Tsai Ing-wen, belonging to the Democratic Progressive Party, is 62 years old, unmarried, and has no children. She is rumored to be a lesbian and has two cats who formed part of her presidential campaign.

The “Beijing-friendly opposition party” is the Kuomintang, which is actually the remains of the Republic of China government which lost control of mainland China during the Communist Revolution and retreated to the island of Taiwan.

Now, they appear to have realized what the real threat is.

Taiwan’s top court legalised same-sex marriage in May 2017, the first place in Asia to do so, and ruled that it must be brought in within two years, but the government has made little progress in the face of opposition from conservative groups.

Although the government has clearly stated that the referendum results will not impact the court’s original decision to legalise gay marriage, LGBT campaigners worry that their newly won rights will be weakened.

This is the meaning of Democracy.

Democracy is when a court legalizes sodomy – paving the way for sodomite indoctrination in the mandatory education system, like we have in the West – and then when the people vote overwhelmingly against it in referendums, the lesbian catlady who is somehow in charge of government decides that everything must be homosexualized anyway.

This is a cruel and absurd system which seeks to replace natural family order and social harmony with perversion and disease.

Resolutely liberate Taiwan, save the Taiwanese people from their misery!

This is a social disease that the mainland Chinese do not suffer.

In China, boys are being taught to be men, not sodomites.

New York Times:

Tang Haiyan runs his school with a clear mission in mind: He will train boys to be men.

There are many ways to be a man, of course, but the broad-shouldered Mr. Tang has a particular kind of man in mind. This man plays sports. This man conquers challenges.

“We will teach the children to play golf, go sailing and be equestrians,” said Mr. Tang, 39, “but we will never cultivate sissies.”

Mr. Tang founded the Real Boys Club, which stands at the forefront of a deep conversation in China about what it means to be a man. It’s a debate that has been stirred by worries about military effectiveness, an embrace of traditional culture and roles, disappointing academic performance among boys and echoes of the defunct one-child policy.

To the club’s thinking, the alternative for the boys, ages 7 to 12, is life in a society where androgynous pop idols, overprotective mothers and mostly female teachers would turn them into effeminate crybabies.

China’s preoccupation with strong men has taken on a political dimension, feeding concerns about whether young Chinese males are in trouble. State media has said video games, masturbation, and a lack of exercise have made many young men ill-suited for the military.“Erasing the gender characteristics of a man who is not afraid of death and hardship,” Peng Xiaohui, a sexology professor at Central China Normal University, said, is tantamount to “a country’s suicide.”

“It is still necessary for a boy to be raised as a boy and a girl to be raised as a girl,” Mr. Peng said in a telephone interview. “They should not be raised based on the opposite gender.”

In the Real Boys Club, the lessons of manhood are taught in slogans. Before the boys do their homework, they pledge to study hard for the “rise of China,” starting with the words: “I am a real man! The main bearer of the family and social responsibility in the future! The backbone of the Chinese people!”

Mr. Tang said “real men” are gallant. (“I can never ask this of a girl,” said Mr. Tang, who has a 3-year-old daughter. “This is a trait that is unique to boys.”) Other traits that boys should have, he said, include courage, etiquette, the ability to distinguish right from wrong, and an understanding of “honor and disgrace.”

The difference could not be more painfully clear.

Please, president Xi – do not allow Taiwan to sink further into state-enforced homosexuality. Do not let this perversion of Nature rest on the conscience of the West.

Only you can save Taiwan.