President Tweety Refers to Coronavirus Lockdown as an “Artificial Event”

In a rant at a rare sitting-down-behind-a-desk press conference this week, President Trump, or as I call him “President Tweety,” made a weird comment that is drawing some comment. In the middle of a standard rant about how Barack Obama was a terrible president and is a bad person, Tweety was speaking of his accomplishments and said “…and outside of this artificial event that took place two months ago…” in reference to the coronavirus lockdown.

Despite what you can obviously speculate with regards to that particular series of words, I don’t think he was saying that the lockdown is a manufactured event in the way that we here at the Daily Stormer argue that it is. I think he was saying it is an “artificial event” in that it came from China. But yes, it is strange wording, and one must wonder how much about this situation he himself understands.

Whatever he does or doesn’t understand, he needs to understand now that there is absolutely zero use in talking about any of his accomplishments. Because he didn’t build a wall, he didn’t stop other forms of immigration, he didn’t deal with the opioid crisis and he didn’t get us untangled from foreign wars. His only actual meaningful accomplishment was with regards to the stock market and unemployment, which are now items that are such disasters that bringing them up is going to do nothing but make people angry.

Maybe he doesn’t need a 2020 platform. As I’ve said, if we do a vote by mail election, which appears to be what they’re planning, there is zero chance that it will be honest, and instead the elite will just pick whichever candidate they want. If he has any plans at all of putting on a show of running for office, however, he needs to drop this economy talk completely, and figure out some other issue.

I fear he is planning on doing some goofy thing where he blames all of this on China instead of the government officials responsible and campaigns as though he’s going to launch some kind of insane world war as revenge for the flu.

But never forget: whatever Tweety says, the flu didn’t lock us in our houses, collapse the economy and steal all of our Constitutional rights from us. The US government did that.