President Trump’s Glorious Reign Celebrated in Phoenix with Billboard Tribute!

Ben Richards
Daily Stormer
March 19, 2017

I cried tears of joy upon seeing this magnificent tribute to our glorious leader!

A fantastic tribute to our glorious leader Donald John Trump is visible for all to see in the Phoenix, Arizona area. A new billboard that recently went up depicts everything great about President Trump. It shows his wealth, his power and his dedication to achieving a true system of National Socialism in America.

I particularly liked the nice touches they added. The nuclear blasts in the background that look like clowns depict the clownish nature of his enemies. It also sends a strong message showing what will happen to those who oppose his will. The pin of the Russian flag shown on his suit depicts the mutual respect he and us Americans have for the glorious leader of Russia Vladimir Putin.

What is strange about this story is that local television stations are claiming that the people who paid for this billboard are not supporters of our President. This has to be another case of fake news, because any person with normal intelligence can see that this billboard is a tribute!

It is very possible that the local news reporters got confused and interviewed a troll by mistake. After all, it is hard to believe that someone opposing the glorious leader’s political agenda would spend good hard earned money on something that is so obviously pro-Trump. The billboard is awesome!

I would personally like to see this billboard posted in every major city across America. We are in the Trump era now and this billboard truly captures its essence!