President Trump to Finish-Off Welfare Parasite Elon Musk Once and for All

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 4, 2016


One of the greatest victories of the Trump Presidency for me personally is going to be the moment that the welfare parasite Elon Musk is finally cut off from the teat of the taxpayer and revealed for the fraud that he is.

Jacob Bayer, CEO of Luminext fake energy company, has written a piece in The Hill pre-framing the coming end to the Musk ponzi scheme as a bad decision by Trump, who he claims is an idiot:

Intelligence and ignorance have never learned how to coexist.

A prime example of this is technology business magnate Elon Musk and our President-elect Donald Trump. These are two men whose extremely different views about the earth’s future will eventually lead them into an unavoidable fight.

It is highly unlikely that the two will duke it out one-on-one in a ring, but we can definitely expect things to heat up a bit, resulting in strong language, criticism and maybe even a power struggle in the upcoming years.

There isn’t going to be a “power struggle.”

Trump is simply going to cut his welfare, stop forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for exploding rockets and half-million dollar cars that don’t work.

But what does Bayer blame?

The same thing they blame for Hillary’s loss: fake news!

Fake news and propaganda against Tesla Motors, SolarCity and SpaceX are so widely disseminated that they’ve begun to form clusters like the website Stop Elon From Failing Again. This hateful collection that someone had the audacity to call a “database” contains heaps of nonsensical content of ill-informed or purposely misleading writers.

What it calls opinion are just baseless accusations that Musk’s companies have been living on our government’s back sprinkled with wildly untrue information about renewable energy.

That is not a “baseless accusation,” it is simply a statement of fact.

Musk’s entire existence is based on welfare scamming. If that were not the case, then we wouldn’t even be having this conversation – because if it was a profitable business able to exist without government-funding, Trump wouldn’t be able to shut it down.

As chief executive officer of an energy consultancy and someone who has worked in the energy sector for a decent portion of my life, it was hard for me to read those concoctions aimed to brainwash our less informed fellow men and women.

How has our President-elect acted in the meantime?

Well, he’s neither supporting nor speaking against the work of Citizens for the Republic. Same as Elon, he seems to be reluctant to meet his opponent head-on and just allows the hatred to simmer.

Musk has already done the math and believes that a Trump presidency will not impede his company’s success and Trump still doesn’t see Musk as any kind of real threat to his presidency. Still, this passive-aggressive bubble is getting bigger and will have to burst sooner or later. How will all of this affect us? Who knows.

It’s going to affect us in that we will be able to spend money on NASA instead of this stupid global warming hoax and overpriced cars that don’t work.

We will be building cities on Mars.

Here we have one man in power who doesn’t believe in climate change and another very powerful man who has devoted his life to prevent it from happening. Even though Musk is reacting calmly to the developments, many believe that it’s only a matter of time before he slides into one of his long argument-supported rants.

To Musk, someone speaking against him is probably way more tolerable than someone starting a slur campaign against renewable energy. Negating the effects of greenhouse gases and the importance of clean energy is going against life, or even worse, going against science and progress.

Since Trump is the policymaker, Musk will probably have to throw the first punch in this hypothetical fight. But as a well calculated man, he will not do it before he knows that he can win the battle. Fortunately, there are plenty of allies that can improve his odds.

Though the U.S is more divided than ever, the world has already decided to go renewable. Even countries that have historically been more stubborn to change have already decided to try and fight climate change. Those resisting progress will quickly find themselves on the wrong side of history, so I certainly hope our President-elect wises up.

A fight should always be the last resort and though one seems to be brewing, it should not mean that one needs to happen. Now that Trump has climbed the top, he should be able to see further and gain a better perspective of how things stand.

With a little luck, that will be enough to change his mind. At the very least, it should curb some of his more radical views about renewable energy.


It’s over.

These liberals are obsessed with this “we’ve already won so it doesn’t matter what the other side does” gimmick. But that didn’t work in trying to stop Trump’s campaign. So it certainly isn’t going to work in continuing to push this expensive and environmentally destructive global warming hoax.

The world did not decide to “go renewable” (Musks cars are coal-powered, by the way) – the elite ruling class decided to scam us with a nonsensical hoax.

But the days of hoaxing the goyim are coming to a rapid close.