President Trump: “The Wall Will Get Built One Way or the Other”

Lee Rogers
Daily Stormer
February 11, 2019

2019 has so far been a bad year for President Trump. He could make up for the past two months by getting the much needed border wall built. It would generate good will with his political base.

President Trump put out several tweets about the ongoing negotiations in Congress pertaining to border security and the wall. He seemed pessimistic that a deal would be struck but insisted that “the wall will get built one way or the other.”

He also commented about how 42 million brown cultural vibrants were getting ready to invade America.

It’s worth noting that there’s already a small caravan of around 2,000 brown invaders just outside of the Texas border right now.

The Democrats in their negotiations have apparently been demanding that there be limits on the number of felons they can detain. This is obviously a completely insane demand that no sane person would accept. It shows that they are not negotiating in good faith, presumably upon orders from their leadership.

And finally, he tweeted out a quote from Congressman Tom McClintock stating that he was on solid ground to declare a national emergency and build the border wall.

It’s hard to say exactly what the ultimate outcome of all this is going to be but it doesn’t look as if a deal is going to be struck. If no deal is struck by Friday, there’s the potential that we could see the government close again.

What would be funny is if he declared a national emergency to build the wall and on top of that made separate demands on immigration reform in order to re-open the government. The cowardly Republicans in Congress would probably cave under pressure from the Jewish media and join the Democrats to overturn any presidential veto though.

Trump is going to be in El Paso, Texas to do a rally Monday night and will undoubtedly highlight the need for wall funding in his speech. El Paso is a relatively safe city and is safe because of a wall that separates it from the Mexican city of Juarez a city of which is known for its high murder rate.

But honestly, we’ve heard enough talk about the wall and these negotiations in Congress don’t seem to be going anywhere. It looks as if executive action is going to be the only way to get the border wall fully built.

We are holding you to your promise Mr. President. Get the wall built!