President Trump Spam Retweets Mitt Romney’s Niece

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 14, 2019

Mitt hasn’t made an appearance in a couple of weeks. Regrettably.

President Trump is baiting him, retweeting a series of tweets by his niece, who is a GOP official.

It’s a funny troll. These are the tweets The President retweeted:

She’s not an especially relevant political figure. She’s been head of the RNC since 2017, and still no one really recognizes her, and she is always introduced as “Mitt Romney’s niece,” because she obviously got the job through nepotism.

The President obviously just went to her account and picked out random recent tweets he agreed with.

It certainly draws attention to the bizarrity of Mitt coming out and attacking Trump so viciously, claiming he has no character and so on.