President Trump Says He’ll Sign Every MAGA Hat a Soldier Brings to Him

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2018

The Jewish animosity towards the dumb goyim who go and fight their endless kike wars for them in the Middle East was really on full display when they attacked both Trump and the troops for the MAGA hat signing situation.

They can try to frame it as a general attack on Trump, but it isn’t that. Trump didn’t tell them to bring the hats. And as he pointed out on Twitter last night, what exactly were his own options in that situation? To refuse to sign the hats?

If there is some rule about signing hats in the military – something which is still not clear to me or apparently the media itself – then it was the duty of the higher-ups in the military to stop troops from bringing hats to the meeting with the President.

They were carrying the hats – they didn’t sneak them in – and were even holding them up while Trump was speaking.

So if there was some kind of rule being broken, this had nothing at all to do with the President, and thus the Jewish media attacks – coming mainly from CNN, but also others – are attacks directly on the soldiers themselves. Not on Trump.

What they are clearly attempting to imply is that soldiers should not be allowed to support the President, and should instead have to oppose him, and support the Israeli endless war agenda.

It was really, really bad optics for the media to have all of these troops so enthusiastic about Trump after they went nuts saying Trump was pure evil for pulling out of Syria.

They want you to believe that the troops are super hyped about fighting endless wars for the Jews.

Remember that New York Times cartoon, claiming that soldiers didn’t want to protect the American border, but instead wanted to fight endless war for Jews?

In actual reality, there appears to be absolutely zero interest in fighting and dying for Israel outside of the high-levels of the military.