President Trump Responds to Whiny Little Bitch Mitt Romney

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 2, 2019

Yes, Mr. President.

He is a flake. And a Flake.

These people have a bizarre vision of rebuilding their lost empire of cuckoldry, and Mitt Romney is the last stand of that stupid agenda.

The interesting thing about it is that while I have no idea what is going through Mitt Romney’s head, no serious thinker or strategist would ever even imagine that you could somehow get the Republican base to go back to the Bush/Ryan/Flake model of “Democrat Lite” pro-war, pro-immigration globalism that Romney represents.

So in putting this guy out there, stating all of these same old failed ideas as if they’re somehow new, they are not actually making a serious attempt to redirect the GOP to what it once was. The only purpose of this operation is attack Trump, and hopefully to confuse his base a little bit more.

But Romney will mainly be a tool for the CNN machine to use to say “see, the trve conservative disagrees with Trump and agrees with the Democrats that we need endless war and endless immigration in order to have democracy and human rights.”

And then, he might be used as a third party presidential candidate to attempt to give the election to Kamala, or whoever, by emotionally manipulating a portion of Republicans into feeling guilty because Donald Trump is a mean person.

It is certainly a weird turn of events to have this loser Mitt burst onto the scene and announce a wide-ranging agenda to destroy Donald Trump in the name of globalism. And I’m going to be very interested to see the general response from the Republican masses.

It could go either way, but my thinking right now is that this is going to serve to push people closer to Trump. Even the stupidest normies kinda get the point that there really isn’t very much difference between globalist Republicans and globalist Democrats, and we’ve all felt the backlash from globalism in our personal lives on a lot of different levels.

I think that having Mitt out there doing a nonstop attack on Trump is going to play horribly with Republicans, and not really be all that popular with Democrats. Democrats like the smug feeling of “even true conservatives agree with me,” but it isn’t something they care very much about, and they still hate Mitt Romney because he’s nominally against tranny bathrooms or whatever.

Furthermore, Mitt Romney is a kind of fundamentally repulsive person, generally, which was pretty much the only way he managed to lose that election against Obama. So he’s going to be a good person for Trump to bounce insults off of.

This is different than Jeff Flake, who was more pitiful than disgusting but just sort of slumpy and dumpy and sad, like that donkey from Winnie the Poo.

Anyway, at least the bizarre and aggressive entrance of Mitt Romney onto the scene ups the drama and could go some ways towards solving the ongoing issue of boredom in American politics.