President Trump Reiterates Plan to SLAUGHTER Drug Dealers!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 20, 2018

The time is now to begin SLAUGHTERING the human sludge that is engaged in filling our streets with BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS used against the white race!

We have to KILL the DRUG DEALERS!

We do not have any choice! Line these people up against the wall and TAKE THEM OUT DUTERTE STYLE!

Time is RUNNING OUT, Mr. President – we need to start the slaughter NOW!


President Donald Trump proposed seeking the death penalty for some drug dealers, complimented a Clinton Foundation program that provides free overdose drugs to schools, and pledged to boost research for non-addictive painkillers as he outlined his plan to combat the opioid-abuse epidemic.

“Some of these drug dealers will kill thousands of people during their lifetimes,” Trump said Monday at a community college in Manchester, New Hampshire. “This is about winning a very, very tough problem, and if we don’t get tough on these dealers, it’s not going to happen.”

Trump also praised closely held Adapt Pharma Inc. for providing Narcan — a nasal spray that can reverse overdoses — for free to universities and high schools. That company partnered with the Clinton Foundation last year to give 40,000 doses of Narcan to colleges throughout the U.S.

Opiant Pharmaceuticals Inc., which makes Narcan and licenses it to Adapt Pharma, surged as much as 56 percent after Trump invited an Adapt executive to join him on stage and discuss the charitable program.

Trump has vowed since his 2016 campaign to curb drug abuse, which caused more than 64,000 overdose deaths last year, according to the Centers for Disease Control. The president has attached the effort to his call for a wall along the southern U.S. border, saying it would cut the illegal flow of drugs and people who sell them.

“Eventually the Democrats will agree with us” to build the wall and “to keep the damn drugs out,” Trump said.

The president’s plan calls for the Justice Department to seek the death penalty against drug traffickers “where appropriate under current law.” The president argues that drug dealers are responsible for more fatalities than murderers sentenced to death.

Fine, give the addicts Narcan but then lock them in a cement cell for six months where they can only eat chicken and rice and read religious books and technical manuals.

If they relapse after the cement cell treatment, they get the hot lead treatment.

We need to get this problem sorted PRONTO. We need to start the killings and the arrests. We do not have time to lose.

This is the worst crisis in American history, it is destroying the lives of good, middle-class whites – destroying the lives of their families – on a scale that we have never witnessed before and it is time to answer this problem with A BARRAGE OF HOT LEAD.