President Trump Plays Jew-Card on Jew-Democrats in Wall Fight

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 28, 2018

The argument “yeah but the Jews tho” works in every situation to the point where there is no argument that anyone really ever needs to bother trying to make.

On the point of the wall, it is perfect, and you cannot use it enough. Every time you use it, the enemy is weaker than they were before.

It certainly shuts down the claim that “walls don’t work” immediately. Furthermore, it forces them to explain why they think Jews are evil.

Right now, unfortunately, it remains under-used because Republicans are such simpering failures as human beings. Presently, the kike-Democrats can still get away with “Israel’s wall is to protect them from terrorism.” Because people are mostly unaware that they don’t just have walls with Palestine, they also have a wall on the southern border with Egypt – even though no terrorists are coming from that direction.

That wall is purely to keep out the same thing we are trying to keep out – invasive migrants who want to feed on society.

When Tucker Carlson recently did an interview with an Israeli former mayor, they talked exclusively about the southern wall, which was just built in response to the “migrant crisis” caused by Angela Merkel in 2015.

The president also retweeted a 2011 Obama tweet which has not aged well.

Never forget that this whole Democrat program of mass immigration only became viable when they felt they had enough of these people in that they were able to switch to appealing directly to them. Plus the brainwashed millennial vote. But it is so new that Obama was speaking out against illegal immigration in 2011.

This morning he also said that if the wall money doesn’t come in, he’ll just totally shut down the border.

I don’t know exactly what he is alluding to there. Sure, in theory he can close the border completely, but in theory he can ban anyone he wants from entering the country by decree. The president’s Constitutional has not been lining up with reality.

Also, I do wish he would stop lying about the wall already being under construction. It isn’t under construction. The Qanon people claim that a wall is secretly under construction, but I don’t even understand what they’re talking about. How can you build a secret wall without anyone having any pictures of it?

The only thing we have any pictures of are “artistic steel slats,” which do not amount to a wall and which are only replacing existing fencing.

And you could easily shove kilos of fentanyl through those.

I’m not against using whatever means are available to do whatever is possible to make the border more secure than it currently is, but this is not a wall. It’s a fence.

We all saw the prototypes, and this is not one of those.

Those allegedly all had problems, primarily that they failed tests of being built on the kind of incline that a wall needs to be build on in many areas of the border. However, if that is true, then we need new designs.