President Trump After Visit Borderlands Warzone: This is an INVASION

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
January 11, 2019


Got a sweet couple of tweets this morning.

Invasion. Crush the alien. Artistically designed steel slats are a wall.


These ones tho…

That really isn’t what anyone was expecting. We would rather the existing Mexicaliens in America all be forced into slavery, or perhaps just have their organs harvested and sold online. “Make your body great again with Trump Brand Mexican Organs!” would give everyone a smile.

It would be better to just not mention the “Mexico paying for it” thing. I know the media is bringing it up, but until he has a better answer than “actually they already did, lol,” I would advise the President to say “we’re working on that.” As in “we’re looking at ways to charge Mexico after the fact.”

We can always imagine that we’re going to tax remittances. Or do the organ harvesting thing.


Original article follows.

Artistically designed steel slats are coming.

Whatever it takes to get it done, our President will do.


US President Donald Trump seems poised to declare a national emergency and redirect Pentagon resources towards building a wall on the border with Mexico, after his talks with congressional Democrats went nowhere.

Visiting the border in Texas on Thursday, Trump met with federal, state and local officials and repeated the need for a barrier along the border with Mexico.

“We need a wall – whether it’s steel or concrete, call it whatever you want – but we need it,” Trump argued in a video posted on Twitter, flanked by Border Patrol agents. One way or another, we will get it done.”

One possible way out of the impasse is for Trump to declare a national emergency and redirect some of the Pentagon funding to have the Army Corps of Engineers build the border barrier. It seemed likely that he would do so, based on his address to the nation on Tuesday, but in the end he decided to give the Democrats another chance to change their mind.


And that’s obviously what he was talking about.

The media is frankly agreeing that some rando judge wouldn’t be able to shut him down if he made such a declaration.

And Republicans are supporting him.

“I hope it works” is a good saying there.

Because no one actually knows what will happen. Maybe a judge can just say “no, you can’t do that because I said so,” and there is nothing he can do, because he has still failed to surround himself with people who get things done.

Of course, if it went to the Supreme Court, they would override a lower court, because there obviously isn’t any reality to the claim that the President has anything less than absolute power under a national emergency situation.

Not all republicans though.

Marco Rubio is hot on the trail of shutting you down if you dare question the kikes.

WHOA – Anna is not looking good.

Looks like fucking Nancy Pelosi.

This is… I feel bad. Seriously. I feel like giving the poor bitch a hug.

Hitting the WALL is real, ladies. And it’s not the kind of wall you can slip through like artistically designed steel slats. If you make it to 32 without hitting it, it will all come down on you at once.

The ride ends promptly. All of the magic power you had over men just disappears in an instant. Literally, I saw one of this bitch’s videos like 3-4 months ago and it hadn’t happened yet. That is the might with which it comes down.

Anyway, where was I… yes. Fegget Marco Rubio took a break from trying to make it illegal to boycott the Jews to tell Trump not to shut down the government.


A national emergency declaration by President Donald Trump over border security could wind up hurting Republicans, GOP Sen. Marco Rubio told CNBC on Wednesday.

The Florida Republican contended that Trump was elected on the promise of building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border and the president has to “keep that promise.” But “we have to be careful about endorsing broad uses of executive power,” he added. “I’m not prepared to endorse that right now.

Such a declaration would set a precedent, Rubio said. “If today, the national emergency is border security … tomorrow the national emergency might be climate change.” Declaring a national emergency, which would certainly face legal hurdles, could give Trump the ability to use the military to build the wall instead of getting Congress to approve the funding for it.

The good part is, you smarmy little spic faggot, you don’t have to endorse it.

No one does.

The fact it is totally free of any endorsement from anyone is what makes it so great.

Furthermore, maybe if we go the national emergency route, we can throw out the artistically designed steel slats and build an Israel-style WALL.

I have said it, Tucker has said it: Trump should be using the term “Israel-Style WALL” when he mentions it. Even if he is using it to talk about artistically designed steel slats. If he connects it to Israel, he makes the Jew-loving Democrats look like the tricksters they are.

Especially if people started spamming this clip of kike Schumer saying that his name means that he’s the guardian of the Jewish wall and then shouting in Hebrew that the Jewish people will live forever.

These people are absolute lunatics. 


Either the Democrats crack on the shutdown or they don’t, I really am not sure what happens next, it seems unlikely they will not blink before foodstamps and other programs for the blacks run out, but whatever, I would rather see the national emergency declared, as in theory the President could also use it to do a bunch of other things like shut down the media and throw journalists in prison without trial.

I wish I was there with him.

I never should have started this website. I should have done some normie conservative website, then got a job in the Trump Administration. I would be over his shoulder whispering: Do it Donald.