President Trump dgaf: TOTAL WAR on the Media Continues!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
July 1, 2017

The Mikacaust was just the beginning.

This war isn’t over until one side loses and the other side wins.

I was a little bit shocked to see some on the Alt-Right reacting negatively to the Mika tweet – as if it was some distraction.

It isn’t.

The enemy is the media. That is the first and foremost enemy of all of us. The most pressing issue in our struggle.

The freezing and isolating of Mika is brilliant.

Did you know that these people had an affair for years, with Mika cheating on her husband, with whom she has two teenage daughters, before eventually abandoning him?

Did you know a body once turned up in Morning Joe’s office? It was 2001, they said she died of head trauma from an accident. This is going to come out in a tweet.

If you think Trump’s Mika strategy isn’t good, then you might want to sit down and ask yourself if you have any idea what the hell is even going on.

The Hill:

President Trump continued his blitz against major U.S. media outlets on Saturday, despite the wave of backlash that followed his particularly personal attack on a female MSNBC host this week.

Trump’s very public duel with MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” taking place over the course of several days this week, earned bipartisan pushback and frustration from some in his party who felt the back-and-forth distracted from the GOP legislative push to reform healthcare.

But on Saturday, Trump signaled that for him the battle is far from over. He also expanded his media targets.

The morning salvos began with Trump leveling an accusation that NBC and its parent company Comcast had forced out MSNBC anchor Greta Van Susteren this week in retribution for her alleged refusal to go along with what he has deemed negative coverage of him and his administration.

Minutes later, Trump took aim at a familiar target: CNN. The news network, he said, had “been exposed” for propagating fake news and “garbage journalism,” after it retracted an article last week claiming that Senate investigators were probing a Russian bank with ties to a top Trump ally.

That retraction, and the subsequent resignations of three top journalists at the network, has been hailed by Trump in recent days as validation of his ongoing assertions that he’s been treated unfairly by the news media.

But it was a third broadside against the media on Saturday – a tweet insulting “Morning Joe” co-hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski – that threatened the most controversy.

“Crazy Joe Scarborough and dumb as a rock Mika are not bad people, but their low rated show is dominated by their NBC bosses. Too bad!” Trump wrote on Twitter.

The tweets followed a public – and bipartisan – uproar that broke Thursday after Trump leveled a graphic attack on Brzezinski, dubbing her “low I.Q. Crazy Mika” and claiming that she was “bleeding badly from a face-lift” when she and Scarborough visited Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club last year.

This image is so, so funny.

I mean, are you guys all picturing it like I am?

I’m picturing it like this:

  • Joe and Mika at the entrance, Mika with bruises all over her face from a face-lift.
  • Huge black doorman stops them from entering when he sees Mika’s face, telling them to wait a minute.
  • Doorman speaks into his sleeve.
  • Trump on the ballroom floor, laughs with Sly Stallone and other top celebrities.
  • Security guy gets a message in his ear piece.
  • Trump slaps Stallone on the back.
  • Italian security guy gets Trump’s attention from across the room, mouths “Mika” and then makes a gesture with his hand over his face and frowns, mouths “face-lift” and shows his teeth in an “eyyyuuhhh” gesture.
  • Trump looks over Stallone’s shoulder quickly, shakes his head, and mouths “no, no no no.”
  • The security guy speaks into his sleeve.
  • Doorman tells Morning Joe and Mika they can’t come in.
  • Mika looks like she’s about to have a seizure as they return to their car.
  • Morning Joe feels as though he needs to apologize to her for a problem she created and doesn’t know how to express that emotion – an everyday situation for him.
  • Once in the car, Mika starts crying.
  • Joe says “Mika, I’m sorry…”
  • Mika says “Just drive, Joe.”
  • Taylor Swift’s “Are We Out of the Woods” plays on the radio as they drive to a bar to drink and watch the ball drop on a TV, hoping no one recognizes them and gets in their faces.

I don’t know if this is how it happened. I don’t know if they even went to the party.

Probably they did not, and it’s just a joke, meant to evoke the imagery I just described, as well as to declare a public flame war that Trump will ultimately walk away victorious from. This will serve as an example to other media, demoralize them, delegitimize them in front of the public, as well as maintain and even boost Trump’s image among his base supporters, who, like me, think this shit is hilarious.

“Mr. President, your tweet was beneath the office and represents what is wrong with American politics, not the greatness of America,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) tweeted on Thursday.

Lindsey Graham can go fuck himself.

I am so sick of this guy – what is going on? Why is he in the government?

Seriously, who does this person represent? What kind of person says “Lindsey is my guy, he’s really got the right vision for America?” I can’t imagine any type of person ever thinking or voicing such a sentiment.

I have never in my life heard him make any public statement that I agreed with, and he is an openly closeted homosexual representing the Bible Belt.

I’m just going to tell you this straight up, right now: people like Lindsey Graham and Paul Ryan are far worse enemies than people like Chuck Schumer or Nancy Pelosi.

With Senate Republicans currently pushing to get ObamaCare repeal and replace legislation to the floor for a vote, one Senate Democrat even accused Trump of using his media feud to distract from problems with that process.

“Frankly, this is just part of his ongoing tactic of distracting,” Sen. Christopher Coons (D-Del.) told CNN on Friday. “We’ve got a situation in Capitol Hill where the Senate Republican version of Trumpcare is floundering.”

The controversy spilled into Friday, when Scarborough said on his show that the White House told him to apologize to Trump for allegedly negative coverage. If he declined to do so, the “Morning Joe” host alleged, then The National Enquirer, a tabloid controlled by Trump ally David Pecker, would publish a story detailing his romantic involvement with Brzezinski, to whom he is now engaged.

Dat shit is sleazy af.

How many lives did these people ruin?


Both were married with two kids when they started the show together. They had a public affair.

Look at those poor kids, and think about the fact that these two people are in their forties and can’t control their sexual urges. Instead, they’ve chosen to destroy the lives of their own children forever.

What kind of a person is able to justify this behavior?

Look, I can even understand that a sex affair can happen. But what adults would do in that situation is say “we both have families, we need to end this, we need to be separated from each other by not working on a show together.” Not elope. This is absolutely deranged.

Mika made statements when she finally divorced her husband – three years after Morning Joe did. She was just sleeping with another man while married for at least some time longer than three years – and got engaged to Morning Joe because she “just couldn’t hide her feelings anymore.”

They then posed for sexy photo shoots together, effectively bragging about how they had selfishly destroyed their own families.

One of which was sort of 50 Shadesy.

Can you even begin to imagine what that looks like to the kids?

And you don’t think this is a perfect target to isolate as a representative of the whole media?


As far as the Enquirer story – I don’t really care if Trump is threatening people with hit pieces, but that is just obviously a complete and transparent lie.

Firstly, all media attacks Trump 24 hours a day. Why is he going to specifically call up the most cartoony show with the most disreputable and sleazy home-wrecker hosts, and threaten them?

Secondly, why would a hit piece against them over their affair be a threat, when they openly brag about it and do sexy photo shoots to humiliate their former spouses and children?

And in the Enquirer?

Trump, however, rejected Scarborough’s account, tweeting that the “Morning Joe” host had asked him to kill the story, but he had refused.

Scarborough on Friday told The New York Times that Trump seemed overly dependent on their show’s coverage.

“He should be a lot more worried about NATO and building a relationship with Angela Merkel than he is with cable news hosts,” Scarborough said of the president.

Yeah, that’s their only response.

“Oh well, this is just silly and also he’s a big meanie head.”

But the media must be defeated before we can move forward.

We need more on the body in Joe’s office.