President Trump Comments on Judges Decision to Force Jim Acosta Back into the White House

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 17, 2018

He’s saying he’s just going to walk out if Jim Acosta starts acting insane again.

He also said it’s not that big of a deal, but that he’s going to push for rules to expel people like Jim.

It’s a bit disappointing. I would very much have liked him to just lay down the law, and declare executive right to overrule the judge. This is such a trivial situation, that it would be the perfect point to come out with “no, judge is wrong, I’m right, we’re doing it my way.”

Just generally, these last two weeks since the election have been disappointing. I don’t understand what direction Trump is going in, and he doesn’t really seem to be going in any direction.

Yesterday there was a big news item that I didn’t get a chance to cover about how “prison reform” (codeword for letting nigger crack dealers out of jail) – something that absolutely none of Trump’s supporters want – was going through with bipartisan support. I didn’t get to cover it because it quickly turned out that wasn’t actually happening, because it had been voted on in May and never made it to the Senate.

But it was just a weird spectacle.

Lots of weird nonsense going on.

I’m very happy about a lot of what Trump is doing on Twitter, but this stuff is not coming off of Twitter into real life. And that has been a pattern for a long time. And yes, of course I understand that Trump doesn’t really have very much power – but he could start making ultra-aggressive moves and pushing for more, real power. It is technically within his ability to just go full on and start making declarations, firing people, shutting down courts – what could anyone do to stop him?

We are halfway through the first term of President Trump, and basically, nothing very much has happened. None of the insane things Hillary was going to do happened, so those things not happening is in itself a happening, and there have certainly been a lot of social changes, but in terms of real policy, what exactly do we have?

Not really anything.

I’m waiting on that to change, of course, and I will always support Trump. But I think we really do need to start figuring out ways to put pressure on him.

Establishing free speech on the internet is something that is within his ability to do. That is the thing that is most important to us. We need a campaign to get him to do it.