President Trump Addresses Congress: LIVE LIVE LIVE

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 28, 2017

So this isn’t a State of the Union address this year, technically, because as per tradition, a President who has only been President for a little over a month shouldn’t yet understand what state the union is in.

Trump obviously understands the state of our union much better than any man alive, but whatever. This isn’t a snub by Paul Ryan (the Speaker of the House is the one who names the address in his official invitation). It is tradition.

This goes live at 9:00.

Check in to the LIVE THREAD to see some serious commentary and memes.

Here are the official drinking game rules:

Pick a side (red or blue), and then drink at the following words.

If you are drinking to
Trump 1 (red):Infrastructure
If you are drinking to
Trump 2 (blue):Terrible
Out of Control
Zombie Apocalypse
Community Words (Everyone drinks)

Bigly (or Big League)

Obviously, you can be on the Blue Team without being a Democrat if you want to play with friends and or family IRL and not be on the same team.

But everyone in the LIVE THREAD is expected to be on the Red Team.