President Says Tech Companies Colluding with Democrats is the Real Collusion!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2018

That’s a whopper of a tweet right there.

The DNC server issue is one we’ve been over and over and over – how on earth these people are still saying Russia hacked it without ever having examined it is so insane it is difficult to even process mentally.

Just to refresh those who may have forgotten: The DNC hired a private company to examine the server, the private company is run by a Russian national who is an anti-Putin activist and they have been caught hoaxing Russian hacking in the Ukraine. The FBI, Mueller and the entire “intelligence community” took that private biased company on their word that they had found “Russian fingerprints” on the server, and then never bothered to find it themselves.

The DNC told them they couldn’t see it, and they were just like “lol OK np.”

This claim that Russians hacked the DNC is at the center of the Mueller probe and the entire conspiracy against Trump. And it is literally based on nothing. In fact, it is based on less than nothing – it is based on the “just trust us” claims of a DNC-hired anti-Russian group that has been caught lying about the exact thing they’re asking the whole world to just trust them on.

More Importantly

The Democrats did collude with Russia. The Uranium One scandal is real.

But whatever.

All of this Russian talk is just a distraction.

The real colluders are the tech companies.

Facebook, Twitter and Google are actively working to block access to entire types of information for the explicit purpose of promoting a partisan political agenda.

Whatever you want to say about my alleged “hate speech,” I am a Republican and a Trump supporter, and I have been systematically silenced by all three of those companies, as well as virtually every other company in the tech sector, including but not limited to:

  • Cloudflare
  • Amazon
  • Tucows
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Patreon
  • GoDaddy
  • Dreamhost
  • Sendgrid
  • Discord
  • Coinbase
  • Virtually every domain registrar
  • All advertising networks (even shitty Indian ones advertising Filipino brides)
  • All payment processors

Though no one is as banned as me, every other individual (excluding Richard Spencer) associated with the Alt-Right has been banned from the three major platforms and others.

Alt-Lite figures have also been banned from a lot of things, though not to the same extent.

The Ralph Retort was recently banned from YouTube, even though the show is not explicitly political, simply for talking to people from the Alt-Right and Alt-Lite. YouTube also decided to steal $27,000 from cancer children that Ralph had raised for charity.

Roosh V is heavily banned simply for talking about feminism.

Alex Jones is not even a hater of any sort, but is accused of “spreading theories,” and has been banned from the three major platforms, as well as multiple other services.

The entire campaign to silence Jones was run by CNN, which is now – like something out of the Twilight Zone – claiming it is a defender of the First Amendment.

Gab is not even political, but allows people to spread pro-Trump and Republican views, and has been banned from most things.

Now we’re entering into the realm of normie Republicans getting banned from things. The pro-life website LifeSite News was recently banned from their domain registrar.

The end goal is now clear: this was never about “hate speech” – it was always about silencing anyone who disagrees with the mainstream narrative, and in particular, removing any support for President Donald J. Trump from the entire internet.

I have absolutely zero doubt that the midterm election results were severely skewed by the efforts of these tech companies to silence and disenfranchise anyone who supports Republicans.

The tech companies are doing to us online what Antifa is doing to us on the street.

The 2020 election should be a done deal. But if the President does not act to ensure freedom of speech on the internet, then who knows what is going to happen.

Taking action on freedom of speech on the internet has to be the President’s number one priority. This should come before immigration, before trade, before NATO, before everything. Because if the people are not allowed to voice support for his agenda, then his agenda is dead in the water and he might as well just give up now.

He needs an executive order protecting the First Amendment on the internet. There needs to be an FCC ruling of the exact same kind as “Net Neutrality.” It can even be called “Net Neutrality.” Then this needs to be confirmed by the Supreme Court, with a ruling that says that the internet is the public square, and not private property owned exclusively by a cabal of colluding tech companies.

And this needs to happen yesterday.