President: Russian Kookspiracy Investigation Makes the Country Look Bad

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 29, 2017

President Trump did an interview with the New York Times yesterday.

The best part of it was definitely the header image:

There was more about the Mueller hoax investigation.

Trump said both that he thinks Mueller will be fair, which I don’t really even understand, and then said that he thinks the entire thing makes the country look very bad.

Of course it makes the country look bad. It makes us look like a joke. Any objective observer can look at this and see that it is a butthurt opposition party that lost an election trying to take revenge on the winner. That is an open, self-evident fact. If it wasn’t self-evident in the beginning, it certainly is now. A year this thing has been going on and thus far we have absolutely not a single thread of an indication that the already insane-sounding theory that Trump called Putin up and told him to “hack the election” is accurate.

This entire investigation is a complete and utter joke. It is a humiliation to the country, and it is something that we will never recover from. The entire government is discredited. All of the people involved in the investigation – the ones who are not Jew agents – are all traitors. It is, quite plainly, an attempted coup.

Why Trump said Mueller would be fair I don’t know.

Here are the lines:

“I have absolute right to do what I want to do with the Justice Department,” he said, echoing claims by his supporters that as president he has the power to open or end an investigation. “But for purposes of hopefully thinking I’m going to be treated fairly, I’ve stayed uninvolved with this particular matter.”

“There’s been no collusion. But I think he’s going to be fair,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Mueller.

So, I mean, they’re basically taking his colorful way of saying “it’ll all work out” out of context, but still. That word should not have been said.

This undermines the claim that his supporters – and even some Republicans – have been making that this is a targeted political assassination.

If he was going to treat anyone fairly, he never would have singed up for this job, as it was clear from the beginning that it was a political hitjob and not something intended to be in any way fair.