President Potato Warns Beto Not to Destroy Fantasy Wall

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
March 17, 2019

Trump is threatening Beto about what would happen to him if Beto takes down a wall which does not exist. He’s acting like an insane old man. Probably senile.


President Donald Trump ridiculed 2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke for wanting to take down border walls.

Without specifically naming O’Rourke, Trump scoffed at his proposal.

I see a new candidate in the mix, he wants to take down the walls. Try that sometime, you’ll see what will happen,” he said. “You’d have tens of millions of people coming in.”

But where are the walls, Mr. President?

This is the fence in El Paso that Trump is calling a “wall”:

No matter how many times you call a shitty fence a “wall,” that shitty fence does not become a wall.

And it was built in 2008. Trump didn’t build the El Paso fence.

Ann Coulter pointed out that there is literally zero miles of wall on the southern border.

We were promised an Israel-style wall.

This is the one thing we wanted from Trump.

Not only is there no wall, but he is clearly confused about whether or not there is a wall, or trying to confuse us.

He may be trying to distract us from the only thing that matters now, which is securing the bag.

Anyone who would vote against Andrew Yang is someone who would vote for Jewish control instead of Chinese control. I would much rather deal with the Chinese.

You know who would rather deal with the Chinese too? Brenton Tarrant.

Everyone who says “Universal Basic Income will crash the economy” is making two assumptions:

  • That UBI will crash the economy (save those poor bankers! those poor mortgage holders!)
  • That I care if the economy crashes

Everyone except white men has been receiving free money from the American government for decades.

Now it’s time for white American men to get access to the bag too.

Andrew Yang:

  • is running for president as a democrat in 2020
  • is a successful businessman
  • lights up the rooms he’s in
  • has something about him that makes people want to vote him
  • believes every American adult over the age of 18 should get a $1000 dollars a month to do whatever they want
  • cares about people
  • agrees robots are not human

The choice is clear. The bag is nigh.