President of Senegal Tells Degenerate Cuck Trudeau to Heck Off with His Fag Parades

Daily Stormer
February 18, 2020


How can creatures who gang-rape babies for magical powers still understand that buttsex among men is wrong, but so many White people can’t?

Life Site News:

The president of Senegal rebuffed Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s attempts to discuss decriminalizing homosexuality and promoting “gay pride” parades in the predominately Muslim West African country.

And President Macky Sall’s defense of his country’s culture and laws made front-page news in the Francophone country’s capital city of Dakar.

CTV correspondent Glen McGregor tweeted a photo of Le Soleil’s headline trumpeting Sall’s rebuke to Trudeau: “Our society does not accept homosexuality.”

No society actually accepts homosexuality.

It was just shoved down their throats via Jewish indoctrination and the court system.

In all African countries where faggotry has been decriminalized, it has been done by the courts, just like in most White countries for that matter.

Trump’s greatest foreign policy achievement

I can assure you most Botswanans were against it, just like all normal people are.

Canada’s Liberal prime minister told reporters at a Wednesday press conference that he had to raise the subject of Senegal’s criminalization of homosexuality with Sall because he was a “great defender of human rights,” according to Associated Press (AP).

For his part, the Senegalese president said his country respected human rights, but that “we’re comfortable with our laws,” and he stressed there would be no change in legislation on homosexuality, AP reported.

“We cannot ask Senegal to legalize homosexuality and organize tomorrow’s Gay Pride,” Sall said. “It is not possible. Our society does not accept it.”

“It is our way of living and being. It has nothing to do with homophobia,” he added.

Imagine the leader of your country globetrotting to preach buttsex.

And people just accept this, for some reason…

Trudeau’s eight-day tour of Africa ends Friday and was primarily focused on winning support for Canada’s bid for a non-voting seat on the U.N. Security Council.

Canada is vying with Ireland and Norway for the two vacant seats from the council’s Western group for 2021 to 2022, AP reported.

Although Sall repudiated Trudeau’s homosexual advocacy, he told reporters his country backs Canada’s U.N. bid.

“We need Canada’s voice at the Security Council. Canada is a country of diplomacy. Canada is not difficult to support,” the president said.

So eventually, the tribal chief cucked too and supported the buttsex superpower for this pointless thing that means nothing and that no one cares about.

Because being a politician in this day and age means you have to cuck sometimes, no matter how based your country is.

However, it remains the case that under Trudeau, Canada is committed to indefinitely bankrolling the global promotion of homosexuality and gender ideology.

Last February, the Liberals announced they would spend $30 million over the next five years, and after that, more than $10 million every year in perpetuity – or as long as they are in power – to advance the LGBTQ agenda in as part of international aid.

Trudeau is also committed to pushing abortion globally, with the Liberals earmarking a staggering $7.1 billion by 2030 to promote and provide abortion as part of international aid.

The 48-year-old father of three is known for his non-stop homosexual advocacy at home.

In 2016, he was the first sitting prime minister to march in the infamously lewd Toronto Pride Parade and has marched in “Pride” parades every year thereafter.

In 2017, Trudeau approved a $145 million dollar settlement to LGBT Canadians who claimed the government discriminated against them in the past, made a tearful apology to these individuals in the House of Commons, promised $16 million to launch an LGBT propaganda campaign, ostensibly as reparation for historical wrongs to LGBT people, and vowed to “stamp out” alleged discrimination against homosexual persons.

The Liberals introduced a bill in 2016 to scrap Criminal Code Section 159 that prohibits anal sex for persons under age 18 unless within marriage that would have effectively lowered the age of consent for anal sex to 16.

The Liberals support a Bill S-202 currently in the Senate that would criminalize “conversion therapy” for minors and Trudeau’s mandate letter to the justice minister called for similar legislation.

His mandate letter to the minister of health asks her to “implement a behaviour-based model of donation that eliminates the blood ban for men who have sex with other men.”


Sweden is very lucky Canada isn’t a real country, or else the Cuck Olympics would really be heating up.

This is the stupidest timeline