President of El Salvador Wants to Send 200,000 Citizens Being Deported to Qatar

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
January 18, 2018

Every expert and economist agrees: bringing millions of random people from Mexico and Central America to the United States causes trillions of dollars to start raining down from the sky!

Like the blood-weeping Mary statues, these are unexplained occurrences, dare I say, miracles.

But the government of El Salvador doesn’t seem to believe. The lengths they are willing to go through just to prevent their own citizens from coming home is hilarious.

The foreign minister is now in Qatar begging the oil sheiks to take the 200,000 who lost their TPS status and are marked for deportation off his hands.

Al Jazeera:

El Salvador is seeking to reach an agreement with Qatar to allow Salvadoran migrants who are forced to leave the United States to work temporarily in the Gulf country, a spokesperson for the Salvadoran presidency said on Tuesday.

Last week, US President Donald Trump’s administration said that as of September 2019, it would eliminate the temporary protected status, or TPS, that allows about 200,000 Salvadorans to live in the United States without fear of deportation.

Presidential communications chief Eugenio Chicas said El Salvador was in talks to see how Salvadorans could be employed in Qatar.

“The kingdom of Qatar … has held out the possibility of an agreement with El Salvador whereby Salvadoran workers could be brought across in phases (to Qatar),” Chicas told reporters.

After an unspecified period, the Salvadorans would return home, Chicas added, without saying how many workers the programme would encompass.

Hugo Martinez, the Salvadoran foreign minister, said during a visit to Qatar that his country had “very, very skilled” workers to offer the Gulf nation.

Martinez, who is visiting Qatar until Friday, asserted that workers from the Central American country could excel in areas such as engineering, construction and agriculture.

“We are negotiating [the possibility of bringing] temporary workers, very, very qualified people, engineers who work in the maintenance of aircraft and mechanics,” Martinez told reporters at a local ceremony.

Martinez also noted that Qatar had offered to provide health services to the Central American country, which is struggling with a weak economy and gang violence.

Qatar’s foreign ministry said in a statement that the two countries are interested in developing bilateral relations, especially in the fields of economy and culture.

So the service industry serf class created by Jews in the United States is now being auctioned off for Gulf State slave labor.

Somehow, this is the fault of America and white people. Why are white people being blamed for the fact that two brown shithole countries have no respect for human life? That’s why we don’t want them here to begin with!

The good news is there won’t be much MS-13 activity in a country where you get flogged for smoking weed.