President Lukashenko, Europe’s Last Hero: Got Corona and He’s Fine – Shuts Down Cuck Mask Riots!

President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus is not afraid of the flu.

When this hoax began, he accurately stated that the entire world had entered into a state of psychosis over the coronavirus, and that the elite have pocketed trillions off of this crisis. He openly mused about whether it was a manmade event.

He was then seen going off to play ice hockey, and everything has been fine since then.

Now, he has come out and announced that he has coronavirus, and no symptoms. The Zionist shill media has dogpiled on this headline as if it were some “gotcha” – he said corona was nothing, and now he has it!

Well, he has no symptoms as a healthy 65-year-old, because corona is nothing. His point is proven.

Everyone else in Belarus is also still fine. Same as last year.

Upset at this, the Zionist shill media riled up the local social refuse to go riot and demand that everyone be cuck-muzzled.

He had these confused shills quickly cleaned off the street.

Everything is fine again.


Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said on Tuesday he caught the coronavirus and recovered “on his feet” without showing any symptoms, sounding a defiant tone as he addressed military leaders in Minsk.

Lukashenko, 65, has resisted calls for strict lockdown measures to contain the pandemic, dismissing fears about COVID-19 as a “psychosis” and suggesting remedies such as drinking vodka, taking saunas and playing ice hockey.

Public frustration over his handling of the pandemic has fuelled the biggest protests in years against his rule ahead of a presidential election on Aug. 9. He has jailed two of his main electoral rivals in a widening crackdown on dissent.

The Zionist press sees this, and they call it “the biggest protests in years.” A thousand odd mask bondage fetishists in a city of around 2 million do not represent even 0.1% of the population.

If this mob is anything like the other mobs we’ve seen, it is almost entirely hysterical women, homosexuals and drug-addled weirdos with personal grudges against society, mixed in with a few people who are sincerely unable to figure out why they do what they do.

In the West, this small minority of the antisocial and clueless is selected to be in charge of everything, including your life.

In Belarus, they just quickly haul them away. The overwhelming majority of normal people can go right back to living their lives and going about their business in peace, like it never happened.

With the Department of Justice doing nothing to press charges against the degenerate mob burning down our own country, it soothes any soul to see these videos of troublemakers getting efficiently and professionally cleaned out of the public space.

“Today you are meeting a man who managed to survive the coronavirus on his feet. This is what doctors concluded yesterday. Asymptomatic,” Lukashenko said.

“As I said, 97% of our population carry this infection asymptomatically,” he added. He did not give a source for that figure.

Belarus, with a population of 9.5 million, has registered 67,366 coronavirus infections with 543 deaths.

In stark contrast to other European countries, Belarus kept its borders open and even allowed soccer matches in the national league to be played in front of spectators.

His attitude sharpened discontent against the president, whose iron-fisted rule since 1994 saw him dubbed “Europe’s last dictator” by Washington.

There is only one leader now in Europe who has let his people keep their basic, God-given right to freedom – and the Zionist system accuses him of being the last “dictator.”

When they force you do to something like wear a cuck muzzle with no law, it is a dictate. This year, they have ruined your life through dictates.

Meanwhile, Lukashenko has not ruined his people’s lives with any dictates, and they call him a dictator.

Lukashenko was speaking on Tuesday at a military base, after overseeing televised drills by special police who fired tear gas and used a water cannon in a practice crackdown on street protests. Lukashenko urged police to be tough.

“Under no circumstances should you create provocations,” he instructed the riot police chief. “But you also should not allow (the protesters) to insult the guys.”

Human rights groups say more than 1,100 people have been detained in recent weeks. Protesters have rallied behind Svetlana Tikhanouskaya, the wife of one of the jailed candidates, who is campaigning in her husband’s place.

On Tuesday, several journalists were briefly arrested outside the state security service (KGB) headquarters, taken to a local police station and then released.

Lukashenko has compared the opposition to criminal gangs and accuses protesters of wanting to stage a violent revolution with the help of foreign backers.

Since that’s exactly what we saw in Hong Kong, and more recently in Russia, I would assume that this was also the case in Belarus.

Why would any of these women be trying to replace the government of the last free country in Europe if they weren’t motivated by pure hatred or total cluelessness?

Has there ever been any kind of female politician, other than one who sold her country out as quickly as possible?

As far as I know, there has never been such a thing.

But there is another kind of leader.

Just over the border from Poland shines one last beacon of Order and Sanity, an example to the oppressed peoples all over the West.

We too could live freely in a safe, clean and Christian society – if only we had leaders.

May God keep them steadfast through this dark century.