President Donald Kushner has Completely Failed the People of Ohio

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
June 3, 2019

We trusted you, Donald Kushner.

It is utterly inconceivable that after all we did for Donald Kushner, he can’t even stop a factory from moving out of Ohio.

I remember very clearly that Donald Kushner very recently was saying he was building so many factories that he was going to have to flood America with low-skilled brown people to work in these factories. “More immigrants than any time ever in history,” he said.

And yet, I haven’t seen any of these new factories. I’ve only seen lives destroyed by more factories closing.


Middle-class Americans whose livelihoods have been thrown off course after being laid off by General Motors (GM) in Lordstown, Ohio, are fed up with the country’s political and business ruling class in Washington, DC.

For months, the community of Lordstown has had to grapple with GM closing the region’s assembly plant, which has resulted in the immediate layoff of about 1,600 American workers, and since 2017, GM has laid off about 4,500 American workers in Ohio.

The GM plant closure is also expected to leave more than 8,000 American workers jobless in and around Lordstown as well as cut out about $8 billion in economic activity in the area. Already, more than 900 workers in supporting industries have been put out of work.

At the same time, GM has announced that it will manufacture a slew of new vehicles in South Korea, while GM CEO Mary Barra still plans on idling three other American manufacturing plants — two in Michigan and one in Maryland.

Laid off Americans in Lordstown, in interviews with the New York Times, expressed frustration and disdain for the country’s political and business elite, the ruling class that they say has ignored them for decades as free trade deals have gutted the middle class and allowed multinational corporations to send high-paying manufacturing jobs to China and Mexico in order to boost profits and cut costs.

Rick Marsh, who was laid off this year after working at GM’s Lordstown plant for 25 years and whose father had also worked at the plant, told the Times he voted for President Donald Trump after years of voting for Democrats, hoping the economic nationalist president would protect U.S. jobs and industries.

Today, Marsh suggested that he and the other middle-class Americans like him are more disenfranchised than ever.

“To me, it’s another flagrant sign that these people, they really don’t have a clue,” Marsh told the Times of the country’s ruling class. “They are so out of touch with reality and real people. All of them.”

They’re not really, though.

They know exactly what they’re doing.

This is just “globalism.” They’ve written a lot about it.

Shawn Wodogaza, a recently laid off Lordstown GM worker, told the Times he voted for Trump as well but that he is lost politically; he and others feel that the plight of the middle class is lost on the country’s elected political establishments and certainly corporate executives.

“I don’t know where to go,” Wodogaza said in an interview with the Times.

“Well, now what? What the heck do we do? Do we go back to beating our heads against the wall? Or do we try something different?” Wodogaza continued.

Barra’s closing of GM’s Lordstown plant harks back to a nightmarish time for the country’s working and middle class in the late 1990s when the free trade deal known as NAFTA — supported by the Republican and Democrat political establishments and continues to be supported by Joe Biden — gutted coveted high-paying U.S. jobs and sent them to Mexico.

Marsh told the Times he is now living through that same hellish nightmare that his father did when NAFTA eliminated millions of U.S. jobs leaving nearly 50,000 American manufacturing plants closed.

“It’s literally in your face — the decline of manufacturing. You can work where I work and watch it,” Marsh said.

Donald Kushner has the ability to punish GM for doing this.

But he won’t.

These factory workers being fucked are the very people who elected Donald Kushner. The people who put their trust in him. And he is pissing in their faces.

And the immigrants are still coming in. There aren’t any new factories. But the immigrants are still coming in to work in factories that don’t exist.

Thousands a day are coming in.

It might be ten thousand a day. We don’t have any idea. They won’t tell us.

However many it is, it is more immigrants than ever in history that are crossing the Southern Border, and Donald Kushner recently announced that he wants more “legal” immigrants than ever before in history to come in from India to take the jobs of people working in IT.

Our country is being bombed out from the inside.

What Donald Kushner is doing to America is worse than any terrorist attack. It is worse than any war. He is destroying the nation from the inside.

And it is only a matter of time before the people who supported him wake up and look around and see that instead of making anything in this country better, he has made it so, so much worse.

God help us all.