Preliminary Set of Daily Stormer Message Cards Now Available!

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
May 7, 2015

A large facsimile of a Daily Stormer message card
A large facsimile of a Daily Stormer message card

In the past I have designed and distributed my own message cards in order to spread the word about various pro-White political parties. Now that I have access to a functioning printer again, I decided it would be a swell idea to do the same in order to spread the word about Daily Stormer.

I highly encourage you to join me in distributing these message cards, which is exactly why I have provided them in PDF format below, as well as this brief guide on message card activism:

Why Message Cards?

Activism doesn’t get much easier or more cost-effective than distributing message cards. You can fit tons in your pocket or in your wallet, thus allowing you to distribute dozens in just one trip, and it doesn’t take nearly as much time as distributing flyers. Moreover, you’ll burn through printer ink relatively quickly if you focus solely on flyer activism. To illustrate, you’d be using less paper and ink to print 175 message cards than you’d be using to print 15 fliers.

There is not much commitment involved, either. You don’t even have to make special trips to distribute message cards. Simply placing a few here and there while you’re running errands is sufficient. Plus, you’re less likely to get involved in a confrontation than if you were handing out flyers to people or standing on the street corner with a banner. If done correctly, distributing message cards is essentially anonymous.

How Do I Go About Distributing Message Cards?

Your imagination’s the limit when it comes to places to distribute message cards. Here are my favorites:

Grocery stores, convenience stores, and retailers. They are typically busy, which amplifies the chances of one of the cards resonating with a shopper. I advise against remaining in a specific location in your chosen store for an extended period of time, however, for the point of message card activism is to distribute them swiftly and in a variety of locations.

Which ties into my next tip: Be sure to blend in as a shopper—don’t make it obvious that you’re distributing message cards.

As for placement, I most often place them face down on top of items or face up in between a stack of items.

This may seem like common sense, but I should still point it out: Don’t open boxes or bags. It looks rather suspicious.

Restaurants. Another example of a high traffic area. The easiest method is to leave one face down on the table immediately before you leave. I’ve also placed them in napkin dispensers and face down on top of the salt and pepper shakers, on the seat, and in the handwashing area of the restroom.

Libraries. The downside of distributing message cards at a library is that many books have the potential to sit unopened on the shelf for a couple to a few years. But don’t let that discourage you; libraries are still decent places to distribute message cards.

What I typically do is browse through a book located in the “new releases” or “popular reads” section and place a card inside when I’m finished. And I also place them inside books about the Second World War and the Third Reich, for obvious reasons.

Parking lots. I love placing message cards in between the windshield and windshield wipers of a car. I’ll admit, when I was a first-timer it was tough to conjure up the courage to do it. My worry over getting caught and becoming involved in an unnecessary situation hindered me. Make it a priority to work quickly. Once you start with a few cars, you’ll feel confident enough to persist.

Vending machines. Just place one message card in the machine’s dispenser. Many people use vending machines, and they’ll definitely see it when they go to grab their item.

Gas station pumps. My favorite area of a gas station pump to place a message card is in the credit/debit card slot. People use credit and debit cards for everything, so they’ll be forced to pull the message card out of the slot and read it. Even if a potential convert uses cash, they’ll probably still notice the message card in the slot.

Here are the flyers in PDF format (if you don’t like them, create your own!):

14 Words
Wake Up, White Men and Women!
With Jews, We Lose

What are you waiting for? Get out there!

Postscript: I plan on creating more and posting them to the site, which will probably necessitate a separate page. Keep an eye out for further updates.