Pregnant Mexican Killed by Mexican Woman Who Cut the Baby Out, Planning to Raise It as Her Own

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 18, 2019

A Mexican female at 19, 24 and 46.

The other day, I wrote about a story from Chicago involving a pregnant Mexican woman who went to pick up some free clothes for her baby at the home of someone she met in a Facebook group, and ended up being murdered, with her baby cut out of her stomach.

I just assumed it was some kind of Aztecpilled satanic ritual.

Turns out it is much weirder than that.

Daily Mail:

The ‘womb raider’ accused of strangling a pregnant teenager to death distracted her with a photo album of her dead son then ambushed her with an electrical cable and then used a butcher’s knife to cut her baby out from her womb, it was claimed on Friday as fresh, sickening details of the murder emerged. 

Clarisa Figueroa, 46, her daughter Desiree, 24, and her boyfriend Piotr Bobak, 40, were all denied bond on Friday during their first court appearance in Chicago.

Cameras were not allowed inside the courtroom for the hearing. They will return before a judge on June 3.

After their appearance, prosecutors shared the bond proffer they presented to convince a judge not to grant them bail.

It contained harrowing details about the killing including the fact that it was the second time victim Marlen Ochoa-Uriostegui, 19, had been to the home and the fact that Clarisa told her daughter in October last year that she was pregnant despite having had her Fallopian tubes tied.

A month before the murder, Claris also told her adult daughter – who made a full confession on Thursday – that she ‘needed help killing a pregnant woman and taking a baby.’

Social media posts reveal that she had been obsessed with babies since last year and was telling friends she was pregnant with a baby she planned to call Xander.

Marlen’s first visit to their home was on April 1 when she went to pick up free baby clothes Clarisa offered her on a Facebook group for women in need where the teenage other had made appeals for strollers and baby clothes she couldn’t afford.

During that visit, Clarisa told her daughter that she wanted to kill her and steal her baby. The only reason Marlen escaped with her life that day was that Desiree’s boyfriend, who was also there, refused to help them. 

Clarisa passed off her murderous intentions as an ‘April Fool’s joke.’ On April 23, Marlen returned to the house for more goods and the boyfriend was not there.

While she was in the living room, Desiree – who is four months pregnant herself – and her mother turned up the music inside the home, according to the proffer. 

They then gave her a photo album of Clarisa’s dead adult son. Police previously said his name was Xavier and that he had died aged 26.

In their proffer, prosecutors said he was in fact 20, called Xander, and that he had died only last year.

Desiree ‘distracted’ Marlen with a photo album of him while her mother crept behind her on the couch with an electrical cable, according to prosecutors.

She then ambushed her, wrapping the cable around her neck, but the 19-year-old was able to slip her fingers in between her neck and the cable.

As she struggled to get it away from her neck, Clarisa yelled out to Desiree, who was watching: ‘You’re not doing your f****** job!’

At that, Desiree ‘stepped up’ and started ‘peeling’ Marlen’s fingers away from her neck.

Clarisa then climbed on top of her and continued to strangle her for ‘four to five minutes’, until she urinated.

It was then that she realised she had died, she told her daughter, because she’d read that ‘a person will urinate on themselves when they die.’

Once she was dead, Desiree brought her mother a butcher’s knife, blanket and bucket.

Clarisa then cut the pregnant teen’s belly open ‘from side to side’ and retrieved the baby, the placenta and the umbilical cord.

She placed him in a bucket with the placenta and left the umbilical cord sticking out, the proffer states. Clarisa then wrapped her in a blanket and ‘lugged’ her to an outdoor trash can with the cable still tied around her neck. 

That is when she called 911, claiming to have just given birth and saying the baby was not breathing. She was covered in blood when paramedics arrived but it was the victim’s.

Once at the Christ Hospital, she was cleaned of the victim’s blood by an OB Technician.

Though she showed ‘no signs consistent with a woman who had just given birth’, she was not arrested.

The hospital declined to comment on the case when asked by if it alerted authorities on April 23.

‘Our top priority is to provide the safest and highest quality care for the patients and communities we serve.

‘Out of respect for patient privacy and in compliance with federal and state regulations, we are unable to provide comment.

‘We have been cooperating with authorities and as this is an ongoing police matter, we’re referring all inquiries to local law enforcement,’ a spokesman said.

Instead, over the next three weeks, they cleaned the home with the help of Clarisa’s boyfriend Bobak and set up a GoFundMe account claiming the baby was hers and asking for money.

Wow, okay so… that is really quite a tale of the kinds of diverse vibrancy we’re now experiencing in our society as a result of cultural enrichment.

This woman actually painted her wall with the name of the baby she intended to steal:

She took pictures with the baby at the hospital to solicit money on GoFundMe:

The poor duped boyfriend did the GoFundMe page.

The baby is still in intensive care and is braindead. Because if you’re going to cut a baby out of the stomach of a dead woman, you really need to know what you’re doing. Probably what happened is that the baby lost oxygen and they didn’t cut it out quick enough.

The dead girl was actually quite pretty.

But I do think that by 24, she would look like the younger murderer.

And by 46, she would look like the older murderer.

She’d probably develop the same behavior patterns too.

Oh and by the way, I just assumed it was a Spanish language Facebook group, but the screenshots show them speaking English.

The house this was all happening in was that of Clarisa’s elderly parents. So this is a multi-generational immigrant family that might not have even spoken Spanish.

I feel bad for the poor Polack boyfriend who got sucked into this madness.

What the hell was he thinking dating that fat spic in the first place?

He should have known it would lead to something like this.

The fact that his poor dumb Polack got caught up in this is just an angle through which this weird shit that these brown people do in our countries leaks over into our society.

But even if there had been no white people involved at all, this is still just absolutely disgusting, and it shouldn’t be something that we allow.

Again we ask:

We are being told we are “progressing” because of all of these people coming in.

And yet, before all these people came in, we did not have incidents like this in our society.

So: is this progress?