“Pregnant Individuals”: Biden Occupation Government Changes Language About Illegal Immigrants to Remove Women

Not even butch Mexican lesbos are down with a total transformation of the Spanish language for the purpose of dehumanizing them. Pretty much only white people enjoy being humiliated and dehumanized by the Jews.

The funniest part is that this can’t make sense in Spanish, because “male” and “female” are hardwired into the language.

I don’t speak Spanish*, but I’m pretty sure there is no word for “individual” that doesn’t sound bizarre. A person is always either male or female.


US President Joe Biden has changed immigration policy to bar the detention or arrest of “individuals known to be pregnant, postpartum or nursing,” according to a recent update from Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Announced by Biden on Friday, the decision to reimpose a ban on the detention of pregnant women and girls was initially outlined in a memo signed last week by acting ICE director Tae Johnson.

Boasting of the new policy, Johnson said the border agency is “committed to safeguarding the integrity of our immigration system and preserving the health and safety of pregnant, postpartum and nursing individuals.” He added that “given the unique needs of this population,” ICE won’t lock up anyone currently or recently pregnant “unless release is prohibited by law or exceptional circumstances exist,” though did not elaborate on what might warrant such exceptions.

The measure does not rule out arresting pregnant, postpartum, or nursing women, the ICE memo stresses, but does require that if they are to be housed in US detention facilities, they must receive mental health services and other appropriate care. The agency is also still permitted to send expecting women to immigration courts.

ICE went out of its way to avoid specifying the gender of any hypothetical prisoner in its memo, a deliberate move intended to include transgender males among the group of pregnancy-capable individuals to whom the policy applies, according to a senior administration official who spoke to USA Today on Friday.

The decision is not so much new as it is a reversal of a 2017 policy enacted by former President Donald Trump, who placed the fight against illegal immigration at the center of his successful 2016 election campaign. Under Trump’s predecessor and Biden’s former boss Barack Obama, ICE had a stated policy of only detaining pregnant immigrants “under extraordinary circumstances.”

During Trump’s first two years in the White House, pregnant immigrants were detained 80% more frequently than during the last year of Obama’s presidency, according to a Government Accountability Report released last year.

Yeah, Trump did okay on the immigration thing.

In total, he cut Sean Hannity’s beloved “legal” immigration in half, and maybe did the same with illegal immigration. (Due to the nature of the issue, no one actually even knows. Trumps said he cut it in half, but people fact checked him and said he only cut it in half from 2017, when he’d already taken office and a “border crisis” popped up when Jewish groups went down and started marching masses of Central Americans into the country.)

If he could have figured out how to keep the election from being stolen, he could have held the fort until Tucker 2024.

That was always a longshot, but it was within the realm of possibility.

Instead, he embraced the coronavirus hoax, and still wouldn’t fire Anthony Fauci and more importantly William Barr and get the country open so people were forced to vote normally.

Regarding Barr: It is simply a matter of fact that the governors enforcing the lockdown using emergency powers were violating everyone’s civil rights, property rights, and various other Constitutionally-held freedoms, and it was therefore the responsibility of the federal government to force them to give people back their freedoms. But just like Barr wouldn’t figure out who killed Jeffrey Epstein, or arrest Antifa-BLM, he totally refused to give anyone their freedoms.

Anyway: there will probably be ten million people crossing the border into America by the end of 2021. They’ve stopped even trying to count, but it is clear that the border is now completely open and the federal government is helping move people in and resettle them across the country – while white people are still fixated on this fake virus and therefore not going out much to see what’s happening in their home towns, where entire hotels are being rented out by the feds and turned into migrant encampments.

*Pomidor does speak Spanish, but prefers to write about how coronavirus is real but just really not that bad, and then gets all his text deleted by Elvis.