Precious Syrian Sweet Boy Kills Roommate with a Machete! Cuts Arm Off! Escapes on Bicycle!

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 3, 2019

Ah, but whatever will we do with these precious sweet boys?

They’re only children, after all.

And what with all that happened during the Crusades… can we really expect them to be on their best behavior, all the time?


A 28-year-old Syrian man living in Germany has stabbed his 36-year-old German-Kazakh roommate to death in broad daylight at the centre of a street in southern Stuttgart, police said in a statement. The perpetrator used a “sword-like” weapon, law enforcement reported, although some media outlets cited witnesses as seeing him armed with a machete.

According to eyewitnesses, the two men were arguing, with the suspected assailant repeatedly asking the victim “Why have you done that?” after which he grabbed the sword and stabbed his roommate. The reason for their conflict is still not known.

In several videos from the scene that have surfaced online, the attacker is seen stabbing the victim on the ground several times, then hacking off his arm and fleeing the scene.

The perpetrator attempted to escape using a bicycle, but police, who were pursuing him by helicopter, were eventually able to capture him.

Oh, dear.

Hacked his arm right off.

You don’t say. 

Here’s another video.

This happened on Wednesday, and I’m just hearing about it now. Because it’s literally only the Russian media reporting it in English. Because they are hacking our democracy by posting about immigrant “crime” on the internet.

We have to protect the dignity of our precious sweet boys, you see.

They’re just children.

If we showed them executing their roommates with swords in the streets of Germany, that could make evil Whites start hating them for literally no reason.

I hope the Nazi German courts have the integrity to go easy on this poor boy. He shouldn’t have to suffer for making one single mistake. Maybe he can just attend some extra integration lessons.

It’s of course not good to do such things. But after the Crusades, what did we expect?