Pre-Bunks: Twitter Now Preemptively Debunking Climate Change “Misinformation”

Total control of the narrative.

It’s so funny to watch these tech companies struggle with the fact that the government is now pressuring them to ban over half of their American user base.

When it was just the Israeli and Jewish lobby (Anti-Defamation League and Southern Poverty Law Center), they could throw them bones with bannings here and there. Some of the “conservative” stuff the Jews didn’t care about because it’s pro-Israel. Now, the Biden Administration just wants anyone who supports any idea associated with the right or Republicans banned outright.

They’re trying to do the “throw them a bone” tactic and it’s not working.


Twitter on Monday said it will be making authoritative information about climate change more accessible to users during this year’s United Nations COP26 climate summit.

Why it matters: It’s the latest tech giant to take aim at climate misinformation, expected to be more prevalent during the global conference, which brings together leaders from around the world to discuss the climate crisis.

Details: Twitter on Monday will role out a new program designed to “pre-bunk” climate misinformation, or get ahead of false narratives about climate by exposing people to more accurate information about the crisis on its platform.

The pre-bunks, which include authoritative information about topics like the science backing climate change and global warming from experts, will appear in users‘ “explore” tabs, ”search” portals, and Twitter trends lists.

The company says it’s working with a range of experts globally to provide context on topics that are going to be discussed during COP26. The company will also host relevant organizations via Twitter Spaces (live conversations).

The pre-bunks will be available globally, in Arabic, English, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish.

A spokesperson says the company plans to stop showing pre-bunks after COP26 but will continue to monitor conversations and “can resurface context as needed” around the topic in the future.

I guess the easiest thing for Twitter to do would be to convince their own users to actually believe in Democrat policies, I guess. Then they wouldn’t have to be banned. But that’s not happening.

At this point, no one is going to change their view about anything. (A few Democrat voters might switch over when they start to realize the vax is causing health problems in everyone they know, or figure out other obvious things. There are apparently a lot of Democrats voting Republican in Virginia today.)

The other idea is to make right-wingers afraid of being banned, and cause a chilling effect. But that is mostly only going to work on big accounts. Randos who fill the ranks of Twitter’s user base don’t care if they get banned.