Pr0n Site Traffic Dip Upon Release of Fallout 4

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 16, 2015

Fallout: Better than masturbation.

Finally, the youth are putting their peckers away for a few hours and doing something useful.


According to PornHub Vice President Corey Price in a comment to GamesBeat, the site saw a 10 percent drop in traffic among gamers after around 5am and continued until around 3pm.

Seems people were putting that sick day to good use.

Traffic began to decrease again at around 6pm and didn’t return to normal levels until around 11pm when gamers presumably needed a form of release that wandering around desolate wastelands collecting caps and fighting off marauders just couldn’t deliver.

‘Fallout 4,’ is easily one of the biggest releases of the year, and if 12 million copies shipped doesn’t show you the scale of the game, maybe a 10 percent drop in traffic at the world’s most popular porn site will.

If somebody doesn’t do something to stop it, both porn and video games are going to become so lifelike that no one feels a need to do anything else.

"When I was your age, people masturbated to softcore jpegs, and Fallout froze every 12 seconds."
“When I was your age…”

It’s just an obvious face that hardcore porn should have been banned outright. And it was before the Jews got it legalized. It is extremely addictive (it stimulates the same neural pathways as heroin), and appears to almost completely negate the sex urge in both Whites and East Asians, leading to a decline in the family.

I wrote yesterday on the traditionalism of the Mormons, and one of the reasons they are able to keep such great families in the modern age is no doubt their religious opposition to porno.

It also keeps young men satisfied with not getting laid, when in any other situation they would be revolting against feminism for the singular reason that they are being prevented from normal sex behavior. Not having a need to appeal to the opposite sex also leads to a decline in care for ones physical appearance, which is terrible in itself.

"As long as I can reach my dick with my hand..."
“As long as I can reach my dick with my hand…”

Video games are more complicated. I don’t necessarily think there is anything wrong with people playing them now and then, if it’s something they enjoy doing, but they are also extremely addictive (also like heroin). Millions of people getting glued to these games causes social breakdown.

Games also have severe psychological and cognitive effects on children, who end up with problems understanding what is and isn’t real as well as issues with basic motor function.

The better the porno and games get, the more these effects intensify, to the point where the majority won’t feel like doing anything else.