Powerful Sorcerer Casts 8-Hour-Long Spell to End Pandemic Once and for All

A wizard ritual to end COVID-19?

Some people may laugh at what this man did, but what he did is exactly as likely to end the pandemic as what the government is doing through the lockdown and social distancing measures.

There is no data and no facts behind the government’s response to coronavirus. The lockdown is useless and considering that infections actually decreased after it was lifted in most places, it is likely that it actually facilitated the spread of the virus.

On top of that, all data puts coronavirus on the same threat level as the flu.

Daily Mail:

Srinivasa Siddhar from the southern state of Tamil Nadu buried himself neck-deep in mud and surrounded himself with fire with hopes of putting a stop to the global health crisis.

The priest proved his dedication to eradicating the virus as he stayed buried in the mud for an incredible eight hours.

The incident, which took place in the Pratyangra Devi temple in Thoothukudi, was caught on camera.

The video shows the priest burying his body neck-deep in mud, while leaving just his head visible.

Siddhar can be heard chanting prayers in the video.

He was surrounded by a ring of fire which emitted clouds of black smoke.

If government officials did what this sorcerer did, and showed the dedication that this sorcerer has shown, at least it would look like they want to save us.

You’d be better off trusting the sorcerer.

But what the government is doing is exactly what you’d do if you wanted civilization to collapse in order to take over with a new regime.

Just like none of the things they’re doing now have anything to do with keeping people healthy, none of the things they’ll do will have anything to do with making people happy.