Power to the People! Anti-Gay Alabama Theater Cancels All Screenings of ‘Beauty and the Beast’

Daily Stormer
March 4, 2017

Gay tears. Gay tears everywhere.

UPDATE: The Henager Drive-in Theatre’s Facebook Page has been taken down. Unclear at this time if Facebook took it down or the owners.

This is terrific.

A Christian-owned drive-in theatre has decided to cancel all screenings of Beauty and the Beast due to it’s promotion of homosexuality.

And as you can probably imagine there are heaps of triggered faggots hoping that this business fails miserably right now.



Moviegoers at a drive-in theater in Alabama won’t be able to see a retelling of the “tale as old as time.

The Henagar Drive-In Theatre in DeKalb County has canceled its screenings of “Beauty and the Beast” because the film will feature Disney’s first openly gay character.

Director Bill Condon recently told Attitude magazine that Josh Gad’s LeFou — villain Gaston’s (Luke Evans) eccentric sidekick — will be Disney’s first-ever LGBTQ character — a way of honoring the original 1991 animated film’s late lyricist Howard Ashman.

The announcement follows the Alabama theater’s change in ownership.

The company acknowledged that their actions may be controversial, but concluded “that’s fine.” “We are first and foremost Christians,” the statement continues. “We will not compromise on what the Bible teaches. We will continue to show family-oriented films so you can feel free to come watch wholesome movies without worrying about sex, nudity, homosexuality, and foul language.

Disney didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Going by the comment section you would be led to believe that this is the only cinema in the country.

Somebody please explain to Bethany what a ‘classic film’ is

Were all the gays in America planning to go to this cinema to watch Beauty and the Beast?


Where will the gays go to watch their movie now?

Why are they so angry and/or shocked that somebody else could have a different set of standards, ideals and values?

Isn’t it gays and the left that constantly preach acceptance and tolerance? Why aren’t they being tolerant? Why aren’t they accepting that this cinema is run by a religious individual?

Oh that’s right, you’re not allowed to be tolerant towards Christians.

I applaud this cinema and hope that they do not take this back.

Clearly shitlibs need to be reminded that not everybody is on board the AIDS train. At some point, somebody has to start caring about the youth of America and looking out for them.

Please visit their Facebook page and give them words of encouragement. Make sure they know that they are 100% doing the right thing.

When individuals receive a lot of backlash and hate they tend to get weak and give in to the masses. We don’t want that to happen.