Power Plant Explosion in Iran – Jews Just Won’t Stop…!

It’s really and truly amazing how all the time, Jews have to be destroying something. They will destroy anything, at all, using any possible tools of destruction.

They will destroy your country using the government. They will destroy your economy using banks. They will destroy your social order using academia and the media. They will destroy your marriage and business as lawyers. They will destroy your neighborhood as slumlords. They will remove your ability to fight back by implementing ideology.

And they will blow things up with bombs.

Imagine that this most aggressive and belligerent people has convinced many that they are in fact the victims of others.


A blast at a power plant has occurred in Iran, this time in the central part of the Islamic Republic. No casualties have been reported from the incident, which follows a string of explosions and fires at key sites in Iran.

The incident occurred early Sunday morning at the Islamabad power plant, the CEO of the Isfahan Power Company told state news agency IRNA. He said one of its substations had blown off because of the wear and tear on a transformer, no one in the vicinity had been injured.

No disruptions to electricity supply were recorded, the official said, adding the substation returned to operation after about two hours.

The Isfahan explosion is the latest in a growing series of incidents affecting Iran’s key industrial sites, energy facilities and infrastructure. Last Wednesday, several ships caught fire at a shipyard in the port city of Bushehr. On July 13, there were reports of a fire at an industrial zone near Mashhad.

Power stations across the nation have also suffered similar incidents in recent weeks. On July 4, a fire broke out at the Zargan plant, located in the city of Ahvaz. A fire department official told local media the blaze was caused by a transformer, which exploded due to overheating.

There was also a string of incidents at other key locations, the most high-profile of which was a fire at the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility. While Iranian officials said they had determined the cause of the fire, their tight-lipped remarks led to speculation that Israel or the US – Iran’s two arch-nemeses – may have sabotaged the facility.

Israel might be trying to get Iran to respond, so they can start a war before the election.

I don’t think Iran is going to take the bait. The fact that they are publicly saying these explosions are just a series of unfortunate accidents is proof they’re just trying to chill.

The other thing is this: Israel is likely worried that if Donald Trump loses, there will be more Islamic influence in America, and this will make it harder for them to start a war or even do sabotage. Blowing these things up appears to suggest that even if they can’t start a war before the election, they simply want to set them back.

Whatever is going on, it’s clear that they do not think Trump is going to win the election. Israel is a gigantic spy base, and would actually be able to significantly influence the election if they wanted to. So the fact that they are acting as if they know Trump is going to lose – that is very bad.

I wish someone would explain to Trump that Israel is behaving as if he is going to lose. That might perhaps wake him up to how dire his current situation is, and maybe think about firing Jared Kushner, who he apparently keeps around for Israel’s sake in the first place.

Every day, there is more and more evidence that we are going to lose this election.

Please, get prepared for that.