Posts Disagreeing with Climate Change on Facebook “Increasing Substantially,” Watchdog Says

How the heck are we supposed to change the weather if people are simply allowed to go around thinking thoughts willy-nilly?

The Guardian:

The scale of climate misinformation on Facebook is “staggering” and “increasing quite substantially”, a new analysis of hundreds of thousands of posts has found.

A report released on Thursday by the Real Facebook Oversight Board, an independent watchdog group, and environmental nonprofit Stop Funding Heat, analyzed a dataset of more than 195 Facebook pages and groups. Researchers found an estimated 818,000 posts downplaying or denying the climate crisis, which have received a combined 1.36m views every day.

The study’s release coincides with the Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow and it urges governments to seriously consider the role of climate misinformation on social media in derailing the battle to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

“This is where the ambitions of Cop26 and the revelations of the Facebook Papers collide, with our data showing Facebook is among the world’s biggest purveyors of climate disinformation,” researchers said.

The study analyzed 195 pages known to distribute misinformation about the climate crisis using Facebook’s analytics tool, CrowdTangle. Of those, 41 were considered “single issue” groups. With names like “Climate Change is Natural”, “Climate Change is Crap” and “Climate Realism”, these groups primarily shared memes denying climate change exists and deriding politicians attempting to address it through legislation.

Those that were not “single issue” groups included pages from figures like the rightwing politician Marjorie Taylor Greene, which posted misleading articles and disinformation about the climate crisis.

This “rampant” spread of climate misinformation is getting substantially worse, said Sean Buchan, the researcher and partnerships manager for Stop Funding Heat. Interactions per post in its dataset have increased 76.7% in the past year, the report found.

If it continues to increase at this rate, this can cause significant harm in the real world,” he said.

The censors always frame the censoring as a noble act that saves real lives in the real world.

People calling for social media censorship are actually calling for complete, total censorship everywhere. If you’re censored somewhere, you can be censored everywhere. For a long time, you’ve not been able to go out on the streets and demonstrate, because you get attacked by Antifa and prosecuted if you defend yourself. We now see that having your own local news station is apparently not enough.

Where exactly are people allowed to disagree with the official narrative, then? Even if you were to gather some people at the park while exercising and started having wrong talks about wrong ideas, the media or the government could eventually claim that in-person gatherings are also putting lives at risk because of the alleged coronavirus, or whatever they come up with next.

There has to be zero tolerance for censorship everywhere.

Once you’ve established that censorship is okay under certain circumstances, the list of “certain circumstances” can be easily expanded.