Post-White America: Five-Story Building Collapses While Under Construction in DC

As we noted earlier this week, things are going to start falling down everywhere in the New Brown America.

Our statements were prescient.

I wonder if the Biden Administration will come out and blame this on global warming?

Maybe this time they’ll blame coronavirus?

Or white people?

New York Post:

A five-story building collapsed in Washington DC on Thursday, leaving several people injured, including a man who remained trapped under mounds of rubble for more than an hour, authorities said.

The structure, which was under construction, came down at around 3:30 p.m. as a severe thunderstorm rolled through the area.

Four construction workers were immediately pulled from the wreckage, and were all brought to area hospitals with non-life threatening injuries, fire officials said.

After about 1 hour and 30 minutes, rescuers were able to free a fifth worker who had been cornered under three floors of debris, officials said.

A K-9 was able to sniff out the spot where the man was trapped, helping firefighters get to him, WRC-TV reported.

(Dogs will still be good workers, even in a post-white America. Unfortunately, there are not many jobs we can delegate to dogs.)

The man was alert and speaking with rescuers during the operation, and could be heard saying “Ow, ow” as firefighters loaded him onto a stretcher and into an ambulance, the outlet said.

Two homes to the left of the collapsed building were evacuated.

The cause of the collapse is under investigation.

Five stories is something you’d think even brown people would be able to manage.

Keeping a five story building from collapsing due to a thunderstorm is a lot easier than, say, keeping WTC 7 from collapsing due to small fires.

For anyone keeping count: no, buildings and bridges did not use to collapse in America.

Obviously, there are going to be specific situations here and there, but the collapse of the Miami condo last week marked the symbolic dawn of a new age of things in America simply breaking, constantly.

Moving forward, buildings and bridges collapsing, and basically everything else not working, is something you’re just going to have to get used to. America is in many ways much less functional than a standard third world country, as we’ve not only invited in more than a hundred million third worlders – we’ve invited in the lowest class of every third world country.

Functional, competent, well-off people do not typically want to leave their own countries. But the Jewish rulers of America needed to replace white people, so they invited in the garbage of the world. Trump is not lying when he’s saying that countries are emptying their prisons to send their lowest human garbage to America’s shores. Why wouldn’t they do that? It’s cheaper, and America doesn’t turn away criminals.

Combined with the Government Purposefully Undermining Infrastructure…

As things are ceasing to function because of brown people, the government is actively sabotaging the infrastructure. As part of the ongoing global warming hoax, they are turning off the energy and shutting down food sources.

In Texas, they recently used wi-fi enabled “smart meters” to start shutting off people’s air-conditioning while they’re sleeping.

People were waking up sweating to death, children are having health problems.

New Yorkers were being sent text messages from the government this week telling them to turn off their microwaves as to not break the power-grid.

I chuckled at this, noting that I remember this happening in rural Philippines circa 2006. It doesn’t happen in the Philippines anymore, because they’ve fixed their grid. The Philippines is the poorest country in Asia, one of the poorest countries in the world – just for context.

Meanwhile, we’re hearing stories about the government paying farmers to destroy crops. I won’t post links to those reports, because they’re unconfirmed, but the US government has a long history of paying farmers to destroy crops.

Joe Biden is talking about taxing the meat industry into oblivion, to replace the food supply with insects and bacteria.

Joe Biden is still pushing an “infrastructure bill,” and I can guarantee, in the typical Jewish-Democrat fashion, the money allocated there will be used as an attack on the nation’s infrastructure. It will be like the Great Leap Forward or Perestroika, except on purpose.

Meanwhile, we have the whole “cyber pandemic” hoax, which can further shut down all kinds of infrastructure.

Also, every industry was crippled by the virus hoax, and we are almost certainly going to have another round of that coming in the fall.

Point being: this is a civilization in the midst of collapse and everything is going to start getting very bad, very quick.

The best thing you can do is be outside of the city and as self-sustainable as possible.